Chinese Traditional Soup... WOW!

After introduced in masak-masak, and Wantan Production, and eatinout I have no choice but to go to this Strawberry Puchong to have a look.

As the day was rather tired for me, I had not notice how they prepare those soup in that two such big vast.

Anyhow, I tried their chicken soup with herbs plus pearl powder. I felt abit ladylike. Why? I do not think pearl powder mean for me, the chinaman.

Well prepared soup, great marketing gimmick. So, I guess I had being sold. I like the soup and I feel energetic after drinking it.

As a typical carnivorous, I need to eat some meet to survive. This "mui choi kao yuk" was very nice. Sweet with very tender meat. Yummy!

Well, friends, as I am kind of busy lately, and this shop has been review by my other fellow blogger. If you would like to see and read in more detail. Go la visit their blog!


Dragon City said...

the soup was nice. Just that the serving was to large. Need 2 persons to finish it.. = )

wyejon said...

i gotta go back there sometime :)

boo_licious said...

2 persons! We usually share one small pot among 4 people but then we also eat other items.

tekko said...

soup by this stall is more "sincere" in taste (if you ever try the one at Sri Petaling), I felt regain energy also after drank it.