Otak-otak Place @ 1U

Wondering in 1Utama just now, wonder for food to fill my stomach.

"How about Otak-otak Place?" I remember Jackson mentioned in his FB.

"We had it before, you like it?" Wife thought I miss the otak-otak.

"Err... I did?!"

Oh my... I have lost my memory.

Wonder is it because of the food not good enough to store into my brain, or I am just getting old.

100_1574 100_1575 100_1576 100_1577

I like the otak-otak taste. Not too strong and not too thick with santan. Just nice.

Maybe I really need to defrag my brain soon.


DAORAE @ Taipan

"I am going to buy you guys dinner today!" Sister announced.
Abalone pop in my mind suddenly.
"I just got my bonus... But please take care my wallet also."
Abalone gone, but I think at least some bird nest soup is available.
"This is my budget..."

Well, maybe not my time for bird nest yet. Korean it is.

100_1470 100_1472 100_1478 100_1480 100_1487 100_1491 100_1492 100_1493 100_1494 100_1496 100_1499 100_1505 100_1507 100_1514


Giant Pao in Genting casino

That day follow somebody up to Genting "explore" its casino. Found giant pao selling. So so only. Full of meat. But consider value for money especially in such place.

Just to share, nothing special, actually.




Qbean… Soy Special


Remember during my study in UPM, lecturer used to stress his interest in soy bean product. Soy bean widely replace cow for the milk in Asia. For those lactose intolerance like me, soy milk should become my choice of healthy protein intake.

We also learned and tried some product development with soy milk such as adding durian or making pudding during those days. Now I think Qbean is taking the concept well as I quite enjoy their green tea flavored. Not easy to blend flavors with soy milk as the base has its own unique taste. Well-done!

However and by the way, I read somewhere that soy bean has something similar to female hormone. If a man take it very frequent, he might become a little feminine. I am very careful on that. One day if my pitch a little high and the main part of mine getting a little soft, sure die!


Restoran Sin Leong Huat @ Subang Hi Tech

I still remember my very first dish in this Sin Leong Huat restaurant. It was a very delicious pork knuckle. There were pig legs on every table and I was amazed there were so many pigs as our feed.

Nowadays we know there are few other restaurants in the valley prepare the same specialty every day. I think most of the legs go to these places and the the body become “cha siu”.

Beside heavy, meaty, oily and cholesterol food, sometime I go for simple yet special like the three below.


Fish head Bihum… a little lame on the milk, a little strong for the sour.


“Dong fen” with ginkgo… special.


”Kue Teow” fried with vegetable… beware of the cili padi.


New Start by Baking Butter Cakes 2010

100_1377Today is new year, new beginning.

Wife is baking her very first butter cake today. Learning from mum.
Simple and easily successful. But she is proud and happy.