Journey to the Center of Food Heaven #9

Waiting is boring. Some might even get mad. My girl friend used to give me a knock whenever I was late. But she never realized that good things have to wait. And sometime, the satisfaction and surprises you gain will be multiply by the little frust you spend on queuing.

"Zhu Pa Bao", pork sandwich is a very famous food in Macau. I am sure for anyone growing with HK TVs heard of this burger thing. I am a "happy meal" lover, how can you tell me to let this go when I was just a second away?

The little green stall at Taipa only start serving "Zhu Pa Bao" at 3pm sharp, I had to wait for long. I thought early bird catch the worm and I was there in the early morning!

A little annoy and thought:"If this ain't good, sure will put something in my blog. @#$%!"

Sat behind a bench and read something and unnoticed that time flies and it past 3:02pm.

I couldn't believe my eye that the queue came from no where and the crowd just appeared like that!

Amazing! Sure this is good, really really good!

This is the road sign in front of the stall.


Journey to the Center of Food Heaven #8

A habit is a habit and hard to change. A culture is how we eat our food. I eat with tonnes of chili sauce when I have my Happy Meal here in my homeland. Uncle M here so generous to serve plenty of "sos cili", and its very the damn hot.

But I can't find any chili sauce in OZ, neither a proper one in HK.

We are so close, yet so far. Now only I realized that I am truly and deeply a "Anak Malaysia".

No chili sauce, where comes the happy meal... for me laa.

Sorry for few of my friends, especially girls who eat French Fries with.. err... tomato sauce. I am not sure if I am the abnormal one or you guys have a conventional style.

Malaysian not eat chili, cannot be la!


Journey to the Center of Food Heaven #7

This is rather interesting story and one of the classic from my hunting experience...

I was so tired after one full day of walking and picture taking. Need water, need food and badly need a rest. Stars were on top of my head and my eye blur. I saw nothing but lights. My thinking was passive and I hardly open my eye. I was just like a lion lost in a desert, tired and hungry.

I need food badly, not care about the taste, but anything that can fill my stomach will do. I need to eat quickly and back take a hot shower then let my nerve get loose.

Walked passed a shop and a rugged man standing in front trying to look for customer.

"Come in, come in, we serve nice food here!" he said.

"Oh! What the hek." I thought and walked pass him entered into the shop.

"Go up stair! Just go up stair! Hey you, give way." He shouted to me and one of the poor fellow.

When I passed him, I saw a tattoo on his arm and his heavy gold bracelet. I was a little scare and thought of going off. But I was pushed inside and lead to up stair.

"Oh my!" I felt like a little kitty fallen into a trap, end of road facing a bunch of fierce dogs. There is no food waiting for me though, but I might be the dish on plate.

Was it a "dark shop"?

"Cher Zai Min" on the sign, seems a well manage restaurant.


Journey to the Center of Food Heaven #6

There is a child in everybody's heart. But you wouldn't know where had he hide. You might not even notice there is a child somewhere inside you.

Life's commitment and routine make us lost our imagination. We chase matters which we thought are intangible and valuable. Materials we thought will make us happy and feel good. Brands to show other that we are achievable.

Chasing and rushing make us fail to look inside. But, when imagination die, will we feel happy?

Life should built from imagination and dreams that let us see the unsee able. Imagination makes our little world inside a little bit... wonderful!

Simple rice cake sandwich. I don't see it as a fast food, but my "Happy Meal".

Just shift my age a decimal point, I will be perfectly fit in the land of dreams, and I did.


Journey to the Center of Food Heaven #5

Eating in HK is a pleasure. Especially for me type of person who prefer Chinese. I was totally in heaven!

But being serve in HK is rather strange. I guess if I did not shift my expectation to a lower gear, I might ended up eating cup noodle in the room.

I do not think I look terrible, although I am not that handsome. No body smile at me even I tried to make joke. Maybe their pace is fast and live in certain tense. People is expecting fast respond and definite answer. When you hesitate in ordering food, be prepared to receive harsh respond.

I do not dare to act tough and demanding, especially in a place full of "seems like in movie" gangster. So, when ever I receive a cold respond, I just think of my belove at home and told myself:"This is damn good chicken feet!"

Take a lift up and you will reach heaven.


Journey to the Center of Food Heaven #4

We love surprises. No doubt about that. Try give a surprise party or surprise gift to your love. I am sure you will have a scream and big hug in return.

Surprises boost a little for our boring life and relation. Of cause, only good surprise spark our life and race our heart bit. Bad surprises like I am telling my boss we are going to lose ain't fun at all. It will fasten my boos heart bit, but sure not in a favor way. Not spark, but boom!


Journey to the Center of Food Heaven #3

Knowing a person may need just a second. Get his name, ask few questions on what he likes and what he does then you know him. But to understand a person may take years, or even life. That's is why so many couples divorce and so many friends become strangers.

So, what usually we do to know someone? To spend life together? To see and feel the one without any makeup? To know the truth and nothing but the truth?!

Knowing a city is rather fun also. Walk in the street where the ordinary people walk. Eat the food the local eat. And the best, live the way the community living. And ultimately, you can walk away and back to your life when you feel the time is up. No need to file any divorce or fight for the truth. Travel is fun!

Smelly toufu. If you say durian and petai smelly. Wait until you taste this!


Journey to the Center of Food Heaven #2

When you found precious in a foreign land, it should be more precious. In an unknown place, full of danger, fill with trap, you may get a knock at anytime. But that is the fun. To hunt and being hunted. And that is why most of the feminine love shopping. To shop for the cheapest and prepare for the thrill of being con. For most of the men, the excitement to step to the danger to "hunt" his love or being hunted.


Journey to the Center of Food Heaven #1

That day, in a crowded train, I felt no party. It was so foreign and so quiet. People everywhere, but if you know nothing about them, they just part of the scene.

Hunting, a sport, an adventure. You have aim to grab. You are so focus and so determine to achieve.

Exploration, is in our blood. We love the unknown. The thrill to search and the joy to discover.

What will be my journey in hunting and exploring the food in the center of food heaven? Without any guide, no path to follow, just go and get. Good or bad, its a journey we need to take. Joy or tear, its a road for every human explorer.