gei dak seik... should remember to eat this!

ss2 has many good food. This is for sure. But nowadays I see lots of nicely renovated restaurants mushrooming. As a Chinaman, I always have a perception that nice furniture and cutleries is to cover great food. But when you find a nice environment chain restaurant with tasty food plus reasonable price, we know the market now is damn competitive.

This gei dak seik should be reasonably popular Chinese sweet tidbits outlet. It is famous of its "small eat" and "tong sui", little Chinese meal and tasty sweet desert which you might not feel guilty but actually the calories is far more than any other proper meal. Anyway, I am not particular about the calories, but the food it serve!

I forget what it called already, it has water chestnuts, "egg flower", and "tang yuan" with black sesame inside. Wow! When I bite the soft ball, the inner sesame juice splashed in my mouth, felt so wonderful! Better than kissing a pretty lips?!

The "cheong fan" is so so only.

This appear also very good. Sweet delight!


Chinese Traditional Soup... WOW!

After introduced in masak-masak, and Wantan Production, and eatinout I have no choice but to go to this Strawberry Puchong to have a look.

As the day was rather tired for me, I had not notice how they prepare those soup in that two such big vast.

Anyhow, I tried their chicken soup with herbs plus pearl powder. I felt abit ladylike. Why? I do not think pearl powder mean for me, the chinaman.

Well prepared soup, great marketing gimmick. So, I guess I had being sold. I like the soup and I feel energetic after drinking it.

As a typical carnivorous, I need to eat some meet to survive. This "mui choi kao yuk" was very nice. Sweet with very tender meat. Yummy!

Well, friends, as I am kind of busy lately, and this shop has been review by my other fellow blogger. If you would like to see and read in more detail. Go la visit their blog!