Shihlin Snack... Really BIG Chicken Chrispy

I still remember once upon a time, when I saw the advertisement in TV about "KayFSee" BIG chicken bugger, I went and hope it fulfill my hungger. Who knows it end up with just one bite in my mouth.

Few months ago I went again afterring the so call REALLY BIG fish sandwich. Hahaha... This silly Chinaman never learn from mistake. I felt like a dumb fish, again!

When I went to this Shihlin Snack Shop in 1-Utama near old cinema area, I thought I should order few "snack"s to fill my stomach. Who knows their Chrispy Chicken really overfill my mouth capacity.

KampungboyCitygal ate there almost the same day as I. And they wrote some fine reviews. My pictures are equally "autar" as their. I forgot my camera somewhere.

Wantan Production also reviewed the stall and gave some fine comment about their oyster mee sua.

Joan @ Life of a Food Lover too, tried and impressed with the food there.

Boo_licious @ masak-masak also love the place. Too bad she did not tried the REAL XXL Chicken.

With so many kaki blogged about the place, I guess you guys do not need me to further elaborate. (Safe my brain cells for writing)

Tonnes of spices and chilly powder added. My nose told me I need to take a break.

Pretty big, huh!

Chrispy and spicy, many many times bigger than the biggest "KayFSee".

As been reviewed in other blogs, this oyster mee sua tasted not bad at all. It cooked in the pot for hours. And surprisingly the mee sua texture still strong. Because of long cooking in slow fire, all oyster flavor penetrated into the noodle. You should eat with spoon, not chopstick.


Long time no post... busy maa....

Would like to appoligize to all out there. You click in everyday but saw the same post again and again. No new one...

Am I still around?

Sure I am. Just that the past 2 weeks I was busy with some work projects. Plus chasing a Chinese kungfu series.

Not even have time to sleep. :)

I ate some great food in Balakong lately (my new office location). Unfortunately not taken pictures yet. Promise will explore the area further and share with you guys!

Someone special said my mother copy this Pooh.
So when she saw this special biscuit container in Disney Tokyo, she must present it to me.
Am I lucky? or....


Good Food Location Map in PJ

As promised, I had spend thousand of seconds preparing this location map of good food, which had posted in the blog, at Paramount Garden area.

Hope it helps!


Restaurant Paramount Garden.

Yes, I hang out at Paramount Garden again. No other choice, I like the place and whenever I have no idea where to go, I always end up there.

I thought the place is food heaven for me. Ofcause there are other area like the State (PJ), Old Klang Road, Klang Town, etc. But Paramount in PJ will always in my list.

This is a new restaurant open at that area. Detail of the location will be posted on my next post. Its call Paramount Garden restaurant or in Mandarin (Xin de tian di ~
new heavenly earth). I heard that the Loh Pan Mian is very nice, so we went there and had a try.

I miss the opportunity to peek on how the chef "loh" the pan mian (flat noodle), nevertheless it taste great. I love the thick gravy with egg. After adding some dark vinegar, it taste even better. Usually people serve loh mee with thick yellow noodle (hokkian mee). This shop do it a bit creative by replacing all kind of noodle, or even beehun and give you another kind of experience.

I am a noodle guy, so I ordered also sizzling hot plate noodle with curry chicken. I could not say it taste extraordinary good, but its curry was very well cooked with thick santan. Not bad for me.

Besides loh pan mian, you could order loh mee sua as well. The method of cooking was very much the same, but you will have different kind of texture and bite experience. Mee sua and pan mian will certainly give you different taste, just like the difference between noodle soup and koewtiao soup.

We also tried its home made fish cake. Very white, springy but less fish taste.