Mark's Seafood Bah Kut Teh

I have problem in looking into detail, seriously. When I received Babe KL's invitation for the Merdeka open house, I quickly made up my mind to do something special for the occasion, so quick that I did not bother to read carefully on her requirement.

"Bah Kut Teh in seafood style should be good!" I thought. And I remembered my "sparking" experience in Sandakan eating the dish, so nice.


Mei Keng @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

After raining day, there are lots of good and pretty mushroom growing fast and healthy. There will be also skinny and not pretty one stuck in between.

Of cause we will pick the best. Those left over will slowly die off and back to the soil.

Bandar Puteri is currently mushrooming of restaurants. Some serving very good food, but most just want to try luck in the area.

Trying new food is like hunting to me. Never know what pray will I get. Sometime after I ate a "normal" food, I struggle to speak it out. It is not our aim to talk bad about people. We are generally very kind and love to only praise.

I choose not to say much about this Mei Keng. Let just say that one fine Sunday morning after I dropped by and had a simple breakfast, I felt no spark.

Dry curry noodle.

Fish head beehun.


Indian Stall @ Sri Kembangan

When I was a student, Indian stalls in Sri Kembangan was my usual place for dinner. I was not very particular about the food quality, but the price. We were poor student who need to carefully budget our spending so that end of the month we could enjoy a proper happy meal. :)

Indian road side stall (that time I thought they are mamak stall too!) sell cheap yet tasty food. One pack of nasi lemak normally only sell at RM1. Sometime even less when you eat more. The boss always act as he is calculating, but never accurate. Rarely much, mostly less. That's why made us student happy to eat there always.

After stepping into the larger society, enjoying salary pay and meeting with higher class people, my choices of meal has become wider and more exciting. Restaurant, hotel, Japanese, Korean, France, fresh Seafood and many more has become my critic. Long lost I remember my root to be humble for simple, cheap yet delicious food.

One night when Huey took me to this small stall open in front of a tyre shop, I suddenly realized student food can be good and the stall had attracted more middle age Ah Pek, like me.

Teh halia, perfectly made. So smooth and light on sugar but strong with fresh ginger juice.

RM1 nasi lemak, fiercely spicy. I still can feel my stomach burning.

RM3 curry mutton. The thick and flavored curry makes me mad.

Maggi goreng also as good as it get, with slight different from ordinary mamak style.

This is my love and the stall signature dish. Almost every table ordered their curry chicken feet. RM1 for 3 feet (one and a half chicken!). That was my first time eating chicken feet cooked with curry and fall in love right away. If you go a bit late at night, after all those feet braised longer in the pot, sure will it melt in your mouth with a little hot curry spicy taste. Walau....

No name, no brand, just remember this tyre shop at the main road of Sri Kembangan old town. Stall open after 8pm, almost daily but not Thursday.


Ikan Bakar Seri Menanti, Jalan Bellamy KL.

Fong has wanted to take me to his favorite ikan bakar stall months ago but we could not find any opportunity to sneak out during lunch hour. We are too popular in the office as we stuck with the colleagues during lunch all the time.

Not that we do not want to bring them for good food, but some time too many heads and mouths result nothing special.

So, one fine afternoon we two brother quietly drove to Sungai Besi, Jalan Bellamy (just beside Istana Negara) to have the best ikan bakar in... Istana Negara area, at least.

There is one row of stall all selling same thing, ikan bakar (satay kajang mentality), I am not sure which is the best, but seems like all share same quality with equally crowd.

The environment was nothing special and hot. I saw many office workers sat there with tie and sweating like water pouring on them. But they seems enjoy the grilled seafood very much in that condition. Funny as patrons were "grilled" under the zinc roof eating grilled fish.

The food? "Mou Tak Ding". For long I had never have such a good grilled seafood. Those stuffs were very well marinated with special source, finely grilled on hot plate and served together with special prepared chilli sauce. I voiced nothing during the course. My mouth was full of... sotong bakar.

Price? Value for what's inside my wallet.

Picture taken with the guy BBQing fresh marinated seafood. See the smoke? Bet it smells fantastic!

Sotong came from heaven! This is the picture I had in my mind when I saw it.

Please do not judge this kembong as dry and hard as it seems. The flesh was terrible fresh. Dipped with the special chili sauce... wow!

Another fine grilled fish!

Err... with such good seafood, even it came with normal rice with vegetables, still make me a memorable trip.


Low Maji @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Food business in Klang Valley is booming. We can see restaurent and eatery shops mushrooming everywhere. In new developed commercial area, we can see more than 50% of the shops open to serve food. Some just a simple food court, but most had been carefully renovated with unique branding in mind.

I guess one of the reason for this trend is everybody thought food business is cash business. You buy material with credit but you sell in cash. No collection or debtors issues. Further to that, Malaysian do love eating. Eating has become our culture.

But with such fierce competition, how can one stand out and attract the crowd? And the main survivor of a business is repurchase from existing customer. So, things still come back to the fundamental: the quality of food serve. Yes, the food can be unique and nicely decorated. But if it taste like garbage, it will only ment for the rats.

This Low Maji shop has very nice design and concept. Their Malak stemboat is rather unique. I like the stock soup's taste and the way it serve. But choices of dish and freshness of the seafood need to be improve.

Overall, it is worth for a try to experience a buffet steamboat that really can numb your tongue and mouth.

Well presented food, but limited choice.

If the freshness of those seafood can be improved, it will be even better.

I like the soup. The normal herb soup gave me a very healthy feeling. While the Malak red chilli pepper herb soup really numb my tongue and mouth. Strange experience for the mouth and stomarch.

Lao Ma Zhi @ Bandar Puteri Puchong, just beside Giant hypermarket and Citibank.


Kyoto's Gion Bread @ Jusco

One fine afternoon after a routine lunch with my colleagues in Jusco Cheras Selatan, Mr FC walked towards a small stall outside Jusco and studied those bread very carefully.

"Hey! Looking bread for your tea later?" I walked to him.

"I am thinking of buying, but not for tea." He said and still choosing those bread.

"Hello friend, can you hurry up? Its only bread, not durian, why choose for so long?"

"You know how much is it?! If you know, you will do the same."

Oh my! A loaf of bread cost RM18! What kind of bread is that?

"This is the forth time I buy. It's expensive, but it's the best. You should try!" He insists.

"Well, it cost me 2 happy meals. But what the heck..." I picked one loaf and paid the bill.


At home, after a brief toast. The heavy loaf (heavier than usual one) expelled very thick flavor of margarines. I never forget the first bite. So rich, so tender and so full. Oh my! Just like my friend said:"It's expensive, but you got to try it"

Those breads were ready made, but freshly cut when you purchase it. Its very heavy and full.


Kanna Curry House revisited.

Places serving good food make you unintentionally drop by again and again. This is how the business grow with reputation increasing by word of mouth.

Since my previous post on Kanna Curry House, I had visited the place many times. I personally love Indian food very much. Not because of I heard from some body that it will make a man "stronger", but just crazy about the taste of curry and chili and all those spices.

Kanna Curry House revisited with few new pictures to refresh my memory, and yours.

This time I had freshly fried chicken. Par with KFC.


New Formosa Restaurant @ SS2

This post does not applicable to the disclaimer stated at the end of the page. Reason: I did not pay for the meal. This is the first time I had been invited for a food testing, and together with a bunch of flogger (food bloggers). Great experience and great sharing. We all have at least one in common, we love eating!


Mei Dian Seafood @ Kuchai Lama

Always heard that Kuchai Lama house some very nice food. That day, one of my friend took us to this seafood shop to have a wonderful chili crab. So nice that I still remember how fresh and how big those crab were. Their flesh was springy and biteful. Further to that, those crabs were very well cooked with sweet and sour and spicy gravy. Wow! What a wonderful crab.

Mei Dian Seafood, at Kuchai Lama.

Before the crab, let's had some spicy sotong in clay pot first. Oh my! My tongue can still remember how good their taste.

And vegetable to make us feel slightly healthy.

Then came to the main course, THE CRAB. Speechless.


Shangri la Putrajaya

PUTRAJAYA is a wonderful town. Whoever visited there sure amazed by the money our government pouring into the project. From the "Sim City" style of building to its special designed street dustbin, we can see the effort of its creator to showcase its uniqueness to the world.

However, in such a
massive structures site, lies nothing at night. Visitors just wondering around the square full of lights but no food. Can't even find a single shop or stall selling drinks after 9pm.

Nobody will think of going to the area for food. That's what my colleague reaction when I first suggest to bring our company guests there for dinner and a night outing. Crazy me, they said.

I thought since
Shangri la KL's buffet receive such a great review, its sister hotel in Putrajaya should not be far aside. Quality of food should have guaranteed, just the number of choice might see limitation because of very few dinner seeker walking in.

Fresh oyster very well presented in the bar. I thought they grown from the ice.

Grilled lamb, freshly slice whenever you wish.

This is my favourite baked creamy sotong. Yum yum!

Pan fry satay, not BBQ. But I can tell you the taste nothing less than the original Kajang satay. Fantastic piece of creation!

Marvelous presentation! Tasty meal.

Oh! The deserts were so sweet.

Just pick one, although you might wanna have it all!


Homemade Charkui

First of all, let's clear all the potential confusion first. I am not the one responsible for the dish. I am just an accidentally camera man happen to be there being served for the food.

The Charkui was 100% homemade by my aunty in Kuantan during our visit months ago. The taste close to the one selling at road side, but the feel, of cause, totally different. This one was made only for us!

I think I will get the recipe and make it myself one day.


When Mark gets food poisoning...

SHAH ALAM: A food blogger named Mark was suspected to suffer food poisoning after eating at his favorite Mamak restaurent in Shah Alam.

After eating two pieces of roti canai as his supper, his stomarch felt very uneasy. At first he though it was because of small digestion problem. He did not take any further notice. Instead, he opened a can of beer to chill himself down. Unfortunately, the following 12 hours he had stayed practically awake and sitting outside his toilet.

The next morning he quickly went to a clinic nearby, in an almost fully dehydrated condition. Doctor immediately gave him an injection after hearing his story and send him back to rest for two days.

When he told the story to his family, his mum first reaction was:" See? Told you not to drink too much beer!"

When he SMS to his colleague about his medical leave, his colleague first reply was:" Are you sure is food poisoning? Not beer poisoning?"

At last, he himself also confuse what kind of poisoning he was having.

After recovered, this is the lunch this person having today. No beer on site.