Pizza Uno @ Bandar Utama

l can not remember when I took these pictures.

However, I can recall the taste and experience dining there. Reasonable price, fine food and crowded place.

So, the place seems nice. But why I did not pen it down earlier?

Good question!

Well, I messed up the pictures. And take no initiative to dig them out.

Another question. Did I revisit the restaurant?


But why?

Well, just because I was not usually hanging around there does not mean the place is lame.


Mustafa Cendol in Kuantan

I am not sure when he started the cendol stall. I have no memories on the stall opening because I was too young to remember. Maybe I was not even born yet.


Kuantan Super Hot Curry Noodle

Are you addicted to chili? No chili no fun?

I have seen people eating super hot and spicy food without any trouble. They seems enjoying it either.