Fantastic Porridge @ PJ States

PJ States, opposite Menara MPPJ located one food center serve very good seafood porridge in the morning.

Unique Steamboat @ Serdang

There are lots of good food hiding in Kampung Baru Serdang or Sri Kembangan. I guess normally there are factastic eatery in these traditional Chinese settlement. I had my very good Bak Kut Teh in JinJiang years ago, and I still can recall the taste.

So, what best to have for my buddy's farewell?

We had a good steamboat before some very nice 2nd round.

Fresh seafood.

We can either cook with tom yam kung or normal soup, or pan grill at the side.

2 in 1 steamboat BBQ... Unique.

And this is my buddy. Mrs Fong, your hubby is a good man!


Piccadilly @ PJ

Restaurent Piccadilly
LG006 & LG007,
Millennium Square, Dataran Millennium PJ,
98, Jalan 14/1, 46100 Petaling Jaya.

The address above house a reasonably good restaurant with very cool and relaxing atmosphere.


Restaurent Foon Lock @ Kampung Bkt Tinggi

Never imagine Kampung Bukit Tinggi also house good Chinese food.

Eating in cool and fresh environment always make my appetite.

Ryo Zan Tei @ Bukit Tinggi

What to have in this peaceful, relaxing Bukit Tinggi?


Vietnam Kitchen @ Taipan USJ

Not a fantastic or exceptional good food, but nice enough to impress your guess.


Fried Fish Head @ Balakong

Fish head has become a delicacy these days. I love curry fish head. There are few shops in Balakong selling reasonably good curry fish head. Hence, my diet program has been a complete failure.

But fried fish head, first time I heard and tried. Sounds new and wonder how it done.

The shops is located somewhere off Jalan Balakong. I was being taken by someone and therefore, I could not recall the "eat scene". Sorry...

We served with a plate of "tau jiu" or fermented soy bean meat, first.

Then a clay pot wine chicken.

And finally the main dish, fried fish head. Beside a little earthy flavor on the flash, it was very well marinated and cooked with dry chili.


Match'Us @ Puchong

Bandar Puteri Puchong opening another good eatery place with creative name: Match Us.

Mushroom soup was not bad.

Coke fried chicken wings taste special.

Chicken chop was well garnished.

Cakes was okay... only.

And their signature drinks chocolate blended with real choco at the glass as deco.


Wing Heong Chicken Rice @ Serdang

When I was studying in UPM 10 years ago, eating Wing Heong BBQ rice was a luxury. As one of the poor students those days, every single cent we spend counts. Rode side Indian stalls and RM1.80 economic rice was our daily staple.

There was once my Korean lecturer asked us to elaborate about our favorite food in Korean during one of the classes. One of my female course-mate mentioned about mix-rice. We were like "Wow! Her favorite food is mix-rice"? The Korean guy also stunned and speechless. Two things pop up in my mind. Is either she never thought she will have fusion food or she really satisfy with normal mix-rice. If it was the later, I would say she will be a fantastic wife to feed . :)

Back to the topic. I love food, especially BBQ stuff. So, I visited this Wing Heong whenever I safe enough money and had its asam fish and steam soup. It use up a large part of my budget on those days. But now, it is just a normal meal I can have anytime.

People growing and advancing in life. But we always treasure those hard time growing together with us. My old uncle still very much prefer ikan kembong although he can have abalone anytime now. Just because it was so hard for him to have those simple deep fried kembong on those days.

Vegetable steam soup is one of the house specialty.

Coconut chicken soup. Yummy, healthy and nutritious!

See those charsiew? My favorite!

Siew Yoke and Siew Ap (BBQ Duck) also good.

Siew Kai (BBQ chicken) serve the us for many many years, already.

Oh! This is my favorite asam fish. The sauce was so nice and thick with asam flavour. Good to have it with rice.

The restaurent is situated along the main road of Seri Kembangan old town, opposite an old shoe factory, near the junction to Bukit Serdang and Seri Serdang.