Ah Koong @ Taipan USJ

The shop has been around many years already and it was originated in JB. I am not sure if it relates to Tun Lim's son, but I saw lots of their pictures hanging on the wall.

When I first joined Mamee in USJ years ago, I was blank like a piece of plain paper. Knowing nothing about USJ, I only ate at a stall near the plant. It was lousy but cheap. Enough to feed the stomach of our kind of hard factory workers.

Until one day, boss took us to this air-cond shop to have fine fish cake. Fish cake was very nice and springy, but the moment I saw my curry noddle came with such a big oyster, I know I will go again and again.

Price is reasonable compare to the quality served. And that's why it can last for such long. Patrons return, again and again.

Ah Koong Eating House in Taipan, USJ. Very near Toyota and Nissan showroom.

This is my champion, see those large oyster? I always love curry noddle with seeham. But with their big brother both together, I got mad!

Fish ball soup with sea weed. Very springy fish ball and of cause, it taste fishy!

You can choose to add any of those stuffs, of cause with certain price to pay.


MeiyeN said...

mussels in curry noodles!!!!! i want that...

KampungboyCitygal said...

whre is it actually? never notice leeee..

wmw said...

Wah, got noodles with such "liu"???

Mark said...

Yes, and the combination fits very well for me.

PS: Went over to have my breakfast again this morning and made few amendments and add few pictures and address card to the post. Too old to remember liao :P

Oh! Their curry a bit spicier today. But I like that. Very close to Kuantan taste.

Ginger said...


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Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I've tried the one in Pudu. Not bad. Next time must see if got curry noodles. :-)