Khor Family @ Puteri Puchong

A house tell us the person who live inside.

When we walk into a cave, we are afraid of bears, tigers or bats. When we see trees, we are expecting monkeys, birds or snakes.

So, what do you expect to see in your partner's room?


"Xu Jia" or Khor Family at Bandar Puteri Puchong is a family kitchen. Father and son do the cooking and mum do the guesting. Err... not like a typical family arrangement? Well, men do cook well, don't they?

Since it's a family kitchen, the decoration also unique. The "dining hall" is woody, green and orange in color. Difficult to elaborate, but it makes you feel a little like visiting a person house, just a little bit.

This is their signature dish. Bitter gourd fried kuey teow. Surprisingly good taste!

Special fried bee hun.

Another signature drinks: crush ice cincau lime with mixed fruits. Refreshing!