Onn Kee Tauge Ayam @ Ipoh

I have a question:"Why Ipoh has so many good food?"

Is it because the people there enjoy eating?

Or, the crops grow better there?


Han Woo Ri @ Taipan

Seldom visit restaurant operate in a suppose office lot. Right up in the 3r floor. When you out from the lift, 2 nice waiter greeted you right to your table. No escape. Like it or not, you are trapped once enter the lift.

Lucky the food is not bad and the price also reasonable.

But I still have no urge to drop by again. Maybe is just me not a Korean person, or the dishes there could not weld into my memories of tastes.


Kee Hong Restaurent @ Klang

When my FC told us that we are going to eat baby shark that night, I thought we are going to be eaten by "shark". 

As a strict buddist himself, it is very hard to believe he dare to consume other's babies.

I still cannot figure it out why when come to enjoying delicacy, a person who do not seen killing an ant on his table could be so cold.

I have no chance to discuss with him on the subject. 

That night I was drunk like a cat after the shark.

Deep fried baby shark!