Good Life... Year of the Red Fire Pig!

Most of the people say this year will be a good year. I say this year will be a great year. Just look at our share market. Unbelievable!

For me, I only wish all my friends will be like my piggy bank above, full of prosperity.

Gong Xi Fa Chai & Happy New Year!


Valentine... Happy Day

Valentine... First thought must be a romantic dinner. Nice western cuisine, wine, cold place, etc. We have been badly affected by the commercial and influence of movie, magazine and TVs. Do you feel you had lost yourself?

I don't know you, but every year I had the same complain. Flower too expensive, food too expensive, wine too lousy, wasting time queuing up for a mass production, over prised "romantic" dinner.

Result? The girl seems happy just because there is a guy willing to "spend" for her. The guy, seems happy because the girl looks happy (although half of his monthly meal money gone). The restaurant owner, the happiest person that night. He suddenly wish every night should be Valentine.

So, this year I had slightly different occasion. We sung in Red Box. Free cakes, free drinks, plenty of songs, free pictures, plenty of foods, free CD, plenty of fun. Still a bit commercial, but at least slightly different from "use to" year. How about trying something different next year? Dare you? Ha ha...