Taiwan Food at Puchong

One of my wish list is to go Taiwan for its food. I have heard so much about Taiwan snack. The people there are so creative and adventurous.

Trying Taiwan food (or pirated Taiwan food) here is painful. Especially when you have no experience on the "original" taste. It spoil all your fantasy.

I hope it is "really" difference from the native Taiwan snack.


It's my species new year!

It's Chinese New Year again.
So, what Chinaman do during this festive season?
Beside season greetings, talk good and behave for awhile, we drink, gamble, drink, eat, gamble, tv, drink, bullshiting, drink, jokes, drink, drink, drink.

So, I had to open the 1 liter German beer Mr Fong bought in HK to act in celebration.

Gong Xi Fa Chai!


What's your Bento?

Do you lunch with bunch of colleagues for Bak Kut Teh almost everyday?
Or you hide in a corner in the pantry enjoying your "ta pao"?
Or you sweetly open your lunch box prepared by your love one?

I bet you bring your creative, delicious lunch box and show it to the crowd.

What's your Bento?

Get creative!
Prepare your Bento,
snap a picture,
and shown it to Mark?

Will you? I will share my Bento with you... If you share me yours. ;)