Big Plates@ Kampung Subang

I kind of like the final presentation. They are "ofcoz" big plate, nicely garnish and taste delicious.

But the kitchen is so dark and quiet. I have no idea how the food is prepared.

One thing good, the food is "surprisingly" hot and no food poisoning thus far.


Brisik @ Jaya 1

A little cafe in Jaya 1 PJ gives the unique fine dining atmosphere local style.

It captures my imagination. I am still tempting to visit there. Not because of the super delicacy, but something rings in my mind, like PappaRich.

I guess I fit perfectly in their target group.


Makan @ Jakarta

Often travel to Jakarta after joining the new company. Boring as the schedule is routine and no surprise in experiencing surprises. I mean the food.

Time spend to learn and develop business. No chance to explore personal other than official.

So, hotel food is always my routine.



PappaCafe (PappaRich) @ Puchong

It was originally called PappaCafe but now they are calling themselves as PappaRich, after the first successful outlet in Bandar Puteri Puchong.

I was there during their very first opening. I am kind of Puchong "lang" hanging the area all the time.

Oh! Don't ask me why I wait until it changes it name only I post this up. At least I post, right?

To be frank, I did not get impressed with the place during my first visit. I was comparing it with Old Town and I thought "Whoa! This is expensive." when I got the bill.

But I keep seeing full house happening there. I thought again "There must be lots of rich people in Puchong these day."

And then when I saw one PappaRich opening in Taipan USJ. I was wondering who the pirate again Xeroxing some other's idea. Don't you sense any familiar with Old Town and Old Taste? And plenty Old and Town kopitiam around you?

Patron again, PappaRich finally gave me the kind of feel and different atmosphere. It's kind of a mixture of Starbuck and Old Town. I enjoy the warm and relax feeling. The food served also careful crafted.

Suddenly I felt it worth every penny out from my pocket.

No wonder people keep going back and the brand grow from PappaCafe to PappaRich "liao".


The Japanese buffet is famous among all the food lovers.

Plenty of delicacy serving for your every needs of taste and satisfactory.

Cheap consider the ingredient and atmosphere they gather.

Satisfy consider the choices you have for the quality.