Bak Kut Teh @ Selayang

What is the most popular food in Malaysia?

Well, we can see tonnes of mamak stalls everywhere.

But what about Chinese food?
Well, beside chicken rice, I would say Bak Kut Teh is getting more and more crowded.


Beware of this Restaurant

Just received a forwarded mail about a dishonest restaurant.

I believe market demand and supply. The marketing 4 Ps do work very well in this world.

Services which charge a super premium must have their unique selling proposition that make a customer feel the "worth" of it. Otherwise, it will only serve "one-time" client and loose out sooner or later.


Dear All............

Last week, I brought my guests to Genting Highlands. After a day 'above the clouds', we decided to have dinner at the
Gohtong Jaya area on the way down.

We ordered some dishes and decided to have a steamed fish as well. So the c
aptain recommended 'sultan fish'.
The steamed fish came. HALF, and plain steamed. Good & fine.

But when the bill came, it came to over $500 !! We were shocked !! We were t
old the fish was 1.4kg ( & please bear in mind, its ONLY HALF A FISH ) at RM 320 per kg! RM 420!! This was daylight robbery. We were not informed by the Captain that a kg of the Sultan fish would cost us RM 320 and there was also no signs of such pricings anywhere in the restaurant.

When we checked with the cashier, she told us, its correct !!

Of cos, it was our mistake fo
r not asking the price first.

Anyway, on the way back to KL, we stopped at Unique Seafood,PJ, where one can choos
e a live fish. The most expensive Soon Hock swimming in the tank is RM135 per kilo. Asked them about the Sultan fish, it is going for RM100 a kilo.

Will be sending this letter to the newspapers, Tourism board, etc etc; and friends, pls pass on to all on yr email list.