Glenmarie Chicken Cuisine... revisited

Sometimes ago I blogged about a restaurent in Glenmarie offering nice food. However, the pictures taken was lausy as I was using a 0.3MP camera phone.

I am still visiting the shop almost weekly. So, I thought why not I take some nice picture so that you guys out there would not give any doubt just because of my previous lausy camera. Ha Ha


East Seafood Village Special Steamboat... Really Special

I see alot of steamboat restaurant mushrooming everywhere lately. In Puchong especially, the area has become famous of steamboat.

I still could not understand why people like steamboat? I
mean I have been having steamboat since I was very young. My family in Kuantan likes to have steamboat on every occasion, either we do it at house or have it at restaurant.

My mother prefer it to be made at house. she could prepare all those nice stuff which she loves and enjoy it all night long. She said it is easy to prepare and nice to eat. Sommore healthy.

For me, steamboat come with beer is the best things. But the heat and sweat with my crab red face after beer need some patient to handl
e it. If I would have it in some cold windy place like Cameron Highland, should that be better?

Most of the steamboat serve with fish cake, prawns, chicken, vegetables, eggs and noodle in soup or tomyam. You can't really say which shop serve the best. But the one below really special. I could not believe it when I saw those seafood on the plate. I stop my mind to ask for a beer when I smell the heavy alcoholic soup served.

Fresh crab, mussels, mushrooms, oyster, etc. Truly seafood steamboat.

All in a claypot with Chinese wine soup. Sweet and strong. You will love it if you like fresh seafood and alcohol.


KopiKau... at Bandar Putri Puchong

There is trend or cult to drink traditional kopi-o in Starbuck like coffee house. The environment is good. Food is creative. And Kopi-O is half modern, half traditional.

I still prefer western style of coffee, which the bean roasted without using marjarine or oil. The machine used to brew a fresh coffee is so consistent and accurate to produce a nice aromatic coffee.

Where traditional Hainanese coffee depend solely on the skill of sifu. If that day his wife give him a hard knock, you will be sure to have a half done Kopi-O.

Anyway, in Bandar Putri Puchong, I found a shop call KopiKau, which has a nice environment and big screen TV for football.

How's the kopi-o ping? I could not taste any different between the one in any hawker center. Just it comes with a unique glass and premium straw.

This is good and healthy. Tuna mayonnaise salad sandwich. I love it!

Tomyam fried bee hun. Good taste and well prepared.

I like this bitter gourd mee soup also not bad. I lived up with Hokkian food and love bitter gourd. Cooked with sea foods, meats and added with fried "ikan bilis". Not bad the chef.

Great environment!


Pizzaria Bella Italia

Marco's Pizza has a very big sign board with classy design. I thought their pizza was great but a little pricey.

This Bella Italia, situated in SS2 has been around for years. I had a perception that it serve classy food with high bill. Unfortunately, I was wrong and wasted so long before i walk in to give it a try.

The food served with reasonable price and taste good.

This pizza is as thin as Marco's, and I like it more. I could taste the stuff more than the dough.

Eating salad let you feel healthy.


Liang Gei... Good Noodle House in Taipan

All my friends know I love noodle. And since I was a young boy, I love "gan lau mian" dry noodle until I could eat it everyday. So, when I did my thesis, which was all about noodle, you can guest how exciting I was. I could not say I am an expert of noodle, but I do know a little more, especially in regarding of food technological aspect.

Let's back to the topic. I was wondering in Taipan USJ area one fine morning and notice a noodle house situated near Coffee Bean. Looks like a traditional coffee shop and sell only noodle. There were many patrons. So, it should be nice. Or, could not be that bad.

there are lots of variance in preparing "gan lau mian". Most of us eat with "cha siew wan ton", roasted duck or chicken feet. Lately, some even like to add dry curry chicken. Dry noodle with steam chicken is a great mate also, especially when the chicken is well prepared.

The noodle served in the coffee shop was very nice. Springy and "Q". Its one of the top grade noodle, base on my personal taste.

Ofcourse, if you are thinking me to make an objective comment. I need to conduct tests such as elasticity test, cooking lost, protein analysis, coloring test, cutting test, etc.