Relaxation Drink?

An article in Food & Drink Europe recently stated that relaxation drink started to appear in the market. It contains herbs that make us relax and some even has laughing gas!


Jojo Little Kitchen @ Subang Jaya

"What is Min Fun Gou? Who on earth will each such food?" my grandma used to say so to my mother.
Don't take it wrong, she is my father's mother, not mum's mum.


Coffee @ Kinokuniya

Weekend, trying to relax, not with beer and party, but a quiet time at the book shop with a cup of coffee, garlic bread, mushroom soup and a new story. This can be also enjoyable.
Once upon a time, my buddy colleague told me that he always allocate certain amount of budget each month for "self enhancement". Either buying beer or book.


Tea time @ Mutiara Hotel

What else a hotel can serves beside a nice and clean bed after a hard day's work?

A freshly brewed coffee perhaps, with tasty small bites.

Coffee and paper make me forget a little the home I missed.


Abalone Kwe Tiao @ JB

I still seriously doubt that what I ate ain't abalone. But some how it tasted shell fish. Hope is it just pieces of a large shell fish, not any artificial food created by some 'food technologist'.


Happy Meal @ TGI Friday Subang

It is very hard to spend our Monday like today. We have to wake up so early that we wish we were sick for MC. Rushing to work just knowing that you have tonnes of tasks to be settled in no time. No matter how many cup of coffee you drink, you still wonder where the caffeine goes.