Special Fried Rice

Well, this fried rice ain't that great, but just because it was cooked by me, so it was special.

I call it goldern fried rice, because I thought the name sounds great.

No body in my house dare to say it taste no good. So I take it as it taste great, lah!


Yokohama Coffee... Interesting!

Japanese is always good and creative on packaging design. And I am always fascinated on their product. They are so original and so detail in thinking. Unlike us, we copy everything! From cars, electronic goods, fashion, software's, to CDs. What is intellectual properties for us?

When I received this coffee from my friend, I thought it was just like our "Aik Cheong" black coffee bag. I was scaptic about how special this Japanese coffee will be, since no body grow any coffee bean in Japan.

Yes, it is semi instant coffee (coffee powder in filter bag). I do not need to use any coffee maker machine to brew it. But the design is so special that it was just like freshly brew coffee, or like our Vietnam coffee style (eg: offer by
Kemaman Kopitiam), drip on.

I love the aroma. It was fresh and strong. The coffee brewed was not sour, and not thick. There was no unwanted particles found in the cup, which means the filter paper bag works perfectly. Its truly a high quality product.

My first thought was how to copy the idea. Perhaps, I am still a Malaysian, or be more specific, a Chinese Malaysian. I copy what I like.

After deeper thought, the packaging design should have been patented and I think I should grow up and respect other people's intellectual. So sorry for popping up my mind those very bad idea. I promise I will live like a developed nation's people, from now onwards.

Malaysia Boleh!


Party at house... so how's the foods?

Last weekend was my mum's bigday and we had a small party at house to celebrate it. Although it was not my original idea, but I had to contribute a bit to ensure her son did something.

As her son is well known in eating, we need to source the perfect food. Why are we not cooking? Because I believe we could not do it better than the professional one.

So, we source some great food around to pampered our guesses.

This KungPo sotong was from a shop near Glenmarie. I thought those sotong just die not longer than 12 hours, based on my CSI sensory test.

Noodle also obtained from the same shop and its really really long. Taste not bad, even after leaving for so long.

This is extremely hot spicy curry fish meat. You see the oil you know all those ladies never touch a single piece.

Prawn was great as well. Looks hot, taste very hot also.

This "Ahjak" was from LoongFoong in Paramount Garden. Our local "kimchi" I like more.

Well, you guys should recognized this duck. Yes, its from LoongFoong as well. This dish finish in 300 sec.

Please no not afraid about these chicken feet. Although the looks are not that pleasant, but I bet you will never stop after eating one. It melt in your mouth with very thick flavor.

I love this "lohbak" also. very well prepared and full of flavor. Not too salty not too oily. Both chicken feet and "lohbak" were source from a BohKutTeh shop in Kampung Subang (will review in detail, soon).

My mother said she felt embarrass if all the foods cooked by other people. So, she quickly went cooked some vegetables to dilute all those cholesterol and MSGs.

Finally, we should have a cake, mango cake from Secret Recipe. Mango is my favorite, and my mum's as well, and my sister, and all the guesses.

Thank you for your reading and blessing!


Cute little vegetable... Not for eat.

The reason I ventured into food technologist was I thought the world needs us to come up new ways to make our food last longer, tastier and can feed more people.

However, when I was in Cameron Highland, I saw those little melons (money fruits), which were not for eaten.

According to the store owner, those cute little melons are mend for display and decoration (and bring luck for money). They can last for about 2 years!

I think I had out from the food study & research area for too long. I am outdated already. I have no idea our biotechnology had gone that far.

Seriously, this is a great achievement. Long live, our biotech!