Delicious Dinner @ Vang Vieng

When I submitted my leave application, my boss was quite surprised I am going to Laos. He said normally Asian do not vacation in such places. He however love the country.

A French base in Bangkok, he always brings his family to these under develop places to appreciate life. I share the same thought.


Breakfast @ Bansuan Hotel, Vang Vieng

We need to pay for our breakfast in the hotel we stayed. USD 15 per room is sure without breakfast included.

But we had our breakfast at the same spot every morning.

I just love the food, the soup, the scenery and the cat.


Banana Pancake @ Vang Vieng

Very similar to our roti pisang, just a little less oily and crispy.
I more prefer roti canai.


Beer Lao @ Vang Vieng

It all started when I was looking for a trip during recent Chinese New Year with my family. Many places was being raised and discussed on the round table. And you can guess the discussion was somehow very close to typical corporate meeting. Lots of talking but no final conclusion.

I booked tickets to Vientian few days later and the rest was history.
Why Vientian and why Vang Vieng?

Me too have never heard about Vang Vieng until sister mentioned to us.


Sun Tuan Foong White Coffee @ Ipoh

We know Ipoh is the place with many nice food. So, if you have nothing to do during weekends, why not drive up North and do a simple food hunt?

I simply Googled and found tonnes of recommendations when I recently did that.

Problem is, if you go every week, your little fuel and toll money will transformed into fats in your body.

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