Student food in Sunway Food Court.

I used to hang around at Sunway food court, near Sunway College, the area with many, many car work shops. We love to have lunch there not because the food is great, but my friends enjoy "site seeing" while having their meal. Scenery is fantastic, especially for us "ma lat lou".

There was an evening when I passed thru the area, I noticed a stall still open at night with many people sitting having their dinner.

Only one pretty girl this time, but I stopped and decided to try out.

We ordered Sinchew Bihun, Loh mee and the ultimate chicken soup. You can guess which dish was my favorite. It sure be the chicken soup. Taste great with herbs everywhere and sweet soup.

The rest? Please do not fool with my great picture taking skill laaa...


Marco's Pizza

It was until that day I came to learned that not all restaurant people welcome anybody bringing camera into their premises, taking picture freely (especially when it was nicely renovated). I guess they are concerning of leaking their concept to any competitor, or simply felt unrespected with my Chinaman kampung style of behavior.

I went in - look left - look right - sat down - order food - snapped photos - ate my meal - talked loud - gave comments - looked around - snapped more photos ... Waiter came - politely asked me what am I doing? - I told him I like the place, wanna take photos to introduce to my friends - he said it was against the policy - politely gave me a name card for contact of approval - I said sorry and thanks - paid the bill - went back and email to the restaurant manager...

So, this is my first post, which obtain full authorization from the restaurant management. I feel proud, and finally I am following procedure, rules and regulations. I feel professional, although I am just an amateur kaki makan who likes to share good food to his friends.

Why I took all the hazard to post this? And not obmit it and delete all my "blood sweat" photos? I thought it is a very nice and special pizza house.

The restaurant is newly open, situated at the opposite of Kelana Jaya LRT station. Big sign board, very easy to locate.

You will feel the different the moment you enter. It was nicely renovated, classy and very up market feel. Spacious, nice tables and sofa, big screen plasma TV, live pizza making, etc. (too bad I was not allow to take those photos).

The aircond was cold so that you can hug your honey tide.

The food served was very well presented. Nice to see, good to eat as well.

We had a Hawaiian pizza. It was stuffed with tones of pineapples, chicken sausages and mushrooms. I hardly felt the pie. But the cheese abit less. Maybe I forgot to ask for extra cheese.

Prior to that, we had our wild mushroom soup. It really wild and yummy! I could taste lots of mushroom, very less starchy feel.

Our garlic bread was special. I never thought they will make it on round shape, just like another pizza lookalike.

I had also chicken salad and I love the taste. Not very sour. Fresh vegetables. Sweet chicken slices. Portion just nice and I felt very healthy.

Oh! Their coffee was nicely done also.

Price, reasonable. Worth trying if you want to have an alternative to those very commercial style of pizza house.


Boo_licious from masak-masak had tried it and post some good comments. She had taken some nice pictures showing how they make their pizza.
Funny, I was also after a hard day work (not so smooth) and found the place.

However, Jon Lee from Wantan production had different oppinion.

There is a big pizza outlet chain call Marco's Pizza in The States. Besides that, there are many other pizza house using the same name (just google marco's pizza and you will amazed). Wonder why? I had no idea.


Map to Chemur for the great seafood noodle.

As promised in my previous post, I had done some REALLY hard work to come up with a map and hope it helps.

To go to Chemur is easy (actually my famous Tokong is located in Chemur also, but I kept mistaken it was Sg Siput). After exit from Ipoh Selatan toll of PLUS highway, take the road towards Tasek and Tanjung Rambutan (you will see Makro near the junction). If you follow the road all the way before reaching Sg Siput, there is a small town Chemur along the road.

Along the main road, there are 2 rows of old shop houses (right and left). The restaurant Hong Wan is at the back row of the shops, which is at your left hand side (if you are from the direction of Ipoh).


Seafood Noodle, fantastic yet cheap... in Chemur.

There was once I went up to Ipoh to visit a client and we chat for food. I told him that I am crazy about a seafood noodle served in Segambut. With all my sales talk, it seems that there is no other better seafood noodle on this planet.

That afternoon, he brought me to a small shop and we had his preferred seafood noodle. He told me to try it and see if that one could par with the one I mentioned.

It was no curry or tom yam style of seafood soup, but plain seafood stock with plenty of fresh stuffs inside. I was extremely impressed and finish my food until the last drop. When the bill came, my jaw dropped even wider. I kept quiet after that, because I finally understand what it means "there is always another moutain higher".

I revisited the place again recently (not easy to locate because it is just an ordinary shop outside).

Tonnes of fresh, from the sea. Fried ginger slice in the soup with added rice wine... What a wonder!

A lot of people do not have the patient to wait for food served. I could understand that. It is not a pleasant experience for you sitting there, looking and smelling others wallap the delicious food. But, I am willing to wait for any great food, and I believe there are lots of other people sharing the same with me.

I need to wait for more than half an hour, with very little patrons that day (about 5 before us). Why? The sifu was so passionate about his serving that he cook the seafood noodle bowl by bowl (just like the one in Subang Jaya, pork noodle). He first fried the crab and other stuffs which need to be fried, then add stock and noodle. With such a great passion and consistency of cooking, I have no regret at all.

Sweet soup, fresh fish fillet, crystal green, RM3.50... please tell me you like it!

Oh! By the way, my seafood noodle only cost me RM3.50. I had half crab, mussels, fish meat, prawns, etc. No competition!


Claypot Chicken Rice Reopen in Paramount.

After My previous post on Clay Pot Chicken Rice in Paramount Garden, Boo from Masak-Masak left a message stated that the shop had closed down.

It was hard to believe as the clay pot rice served there was damn popular. I went there to check it out and I confirmed that it had closed down, without any notice at all (even the sign board was taken off).

I was as sad as Boo but had no idea where did the uncle goes. Luckily I found another Clay Pot Chicken Rice in Damansara Jaya to satisfied my urge.

Few days ago I revisited Paramount Garden and found that the shop restaurant New Kim Swan surprisingly reopen. Apparently. It was closed down for some renovation (adding some tiles and lights). Maybe it did not meet the hygiene standard during checking by the authorities.

Anyway, my belove Clay Pot Chicken Rice is still there and the Ah Pek is still busying cooking his rice pot by pot, day by day.

Good Food!


Flood in Shah Alam... What the...

When I heard the thunder storm last Saturday night, I thought it was only another normal raining night. Wet and cold, nice to sleep.

When I wnet to TTDI Jaya to have my breakfast the next morning and found that there were flooded and cars were soaking wet, I thought hey, problem for some people.

When I when to Giant Shah Alam for breakfast (TTDI Jaya closed, maa) and saw more cars soaking in water, I thought that was kinda big problem already.

When the next day I read in the paper then I knew how bad it was.

I think it must be that bad only somebody will take the innitiative to look into the drainage system there. I had stuck in the damn NKVE toll few times since a couple months ago when it flooded. Nobody took action at all that time. Just few police put some cone and block the road, only.

Good Life!


Vege Bah Kut Teh & Claypot Stew Lamb

Sunway Mas is a new housing area. If you are using NKVE, you will see Sunway Mas opposite the Petronas and Shell station. There is one small entry from LDP to go there, just before Taman Megah entrance.

So, what do we have in this new housing area? There is one commercial areas with plenty of restaurants. Few are branches from Ipoh (such as Lou Wong Chicken Horfan).

I was attracted by the banner of this Bah Kut Teh shop.

I ordered a pot of Vege Bah Kut Teh, (which is only vegetables, without meat) and a pot of stew lamb (Hainanese style).

Although both dishes are special, but I thought the taste was too strong. Too strong of herbs and too salty. Maybe it is the style of Hainan, but gentle taste work better for me. Anyhow, taste is on the tongue of the beholder. Maybe you will like the food there, just like Amber Chia (I saw her pic hanging on the wall).

Bah Kut Teh soup with vegetables, taste meat but no meat.

Vege Bah Kut Teh was special as I could taste my belove soup and ate lots of mushrooms, tofu and vegetables, without feeling the guilt of high cholesterol. I do not want to know if the soup was prepared from any bone or meat. At least I did not eat any meat from that.

Claypot Stew Lamb, yummy when it was really hot.

Well, I did eat meat, not from the Bah Kut Teh, but Claypot Stew Lamb. The dish was full of herbs and ginger. When it was boiling, the taste was great. The meat was tender and hot and sweet. But towards the end of the meal, as it cool down, it became more salty and I felt uneasy. Not sure it was because of me eating too much or it really exposed all the strong taste when it was not so hot. This dish better eat when it is very very hot.