Little snack in Artha Gading Mall

Simple meeting in Artha Gading Mall. 
Simple snacks with Gorengan and Ais Jeruk Kelapa.
People here really know how to fried stuff. Yummy delicious!


京都 Jin Du Restaurent in Yong Peng

It has been pretty long since I had such springy and chewy fish ball.

It is pretty common in Malaysia and this Jin Du is just a typical fish ball stall in Yong Peng. But after such long empty season outside the country, I was so appreciate the texture and sensation in my mouth.


Home cooked nasi uduk.

Nasi uduk is similar to nasi lemak, the famous coconut rice in Malaysia. It has rich coconut flavor with few additional spices make it slightly different from nasi lemak.

Nasi uduk does not serve with "ikan bilis" and "kacang"; which is fried anchovies and peanuts. It is normally serve with local dishes.

Not very difficult to prepare.

We like it because it link us back to Malaysia, for our taste espect.


Bakmi ... Somewhere in Pasar Baru

Another bakmi, another taste.

People here really crazy about noodle. And they hunt for noodle. Strange, but true.

My friend took me to another stall.

For me, this one taste so so only la.

No offense, I just say what I meant.


Satay Babi

I never see anyone selling it in KL. We have satay ayam, satay kambing, satay daging, satay arnab and many other funny satay there, but never see people selling satay babi.

Maybe Chinese there only like to sell Charsiew and roasted pork because it is easier. No need to stand beside the heat all the time.

I don't know. But someone should start to think about it, seriously, satay babi serve good with Tiger.

Pak coming from Tangerang everyday to sell his famous and cheap satay babi.

A little less hygiene as he brought also flies together with his marinated satay. But after the burning, everything die.

At least my stomach is okay until now.


How we start our 2013.

"My friends were having fine dinner last night for their new year eve celebration... " she said looking at her Facebook.


"Do you think we should do something?"

"Well, at least we were awake last night until 1am, seeing people here burning their money." I said.

Our neighborhood just kept lighting up fire crackers non stop for hours.

"So, what do you think?"

Our home cooked dinner for 2013 celebration. Pan fried salmon on butter, baked giant mushroom with cheese and  fried spaghetti curry flavor.

We choose not to eat outside to avoid our little devils' demolition act. But still, 5 minutes after the picture taken, we had to swallow every bit and pieces in no time while listening Leighren screaming.

I am sure all parents know exactly what we are going through.