Kong Fu Beehun @ Jakarta

Once upon a time, someone told me that Chinese is everywhere on earth. I did not believe as I could not see them present everywhere that obvious.

Maybe they are humble to keep their head low. Maybe they are just busy earning food to survive at every corner here and there. Or maybe most of them already lost their root to become the new kind of citizen elsewhere.


Waraku @ Singapore

The first time I ate at Waraku, I was so confused I though I was in the wrong place. The food seems Italian, but the setting very Japanese.

They said it serves Japanese style pizza and oriental taste pasta. I wonder Moshi moshi_san will ever enjoy Italian style sushi in Kuala Lumpur.

Normally we, the third kind (not Japanese nor Italian) will not choose a 'pirate' dish if we can have the 'original copy'. Moreover, I am not in Japan, I have plenty of choices here.

But after I had my first time, I agree why they claim 'Promising... of the year'.
I have a very fond feeling when I saw their branch in Sunway Pyramid.


Penang Road Trip

"My papa drives a very big car."

"My one has 3 cars. One can take many people."

"My daddy no need to drive, we have driver."

You might think most kids like to show off. Why they never taught to be humble.

But in actual, we all like to think what we are having is the best in this world. I am the best, or I have the best makes me feel special.


Kong Sai Zai @ Sunway Mentari

As usual, today is chicken day and we got to have some nice chicken meal with my sis.

Kong Sai Zai has opened a branch in Sunway Mentari. We tried their chicken in Puchong before and kind of like it.

I say kind of is because, after the vote, all my family preferred except my vote.

So, why they like and why mine go the other way?

My father-in-law is Kong Sai people. As a result, my wife got to love the taste and the way of cooking, especially the "unique" sauce.

My mother think that the chicken taste good and cheaper then the Jalan Gasing one.

My sister like the yellowish skin of the chicken.

Me? I just not prefer chicken serving in cold and half cooked to preserve the texture. I like my chicken to be hot, full of steam and deep cooked even to the bone.


Vientien Breakfast Hunt

100_2503This usually happen to us and always happen to me. When I started to enjoy myself, it is always the end and time to go.

Why climax always happen towards the end? It happen like that so that we will remember that and miss it. And then you will want to have it again and again.