Birthday Dinner @ Zen Sunway

I usually do not have big celebration. Simple dinner is enough for me to be happy. Only twice in my life I had a big party at house for my friends. I do enjoy my friends' wishes and loves. It just myth that to keep lower profile during birthday for a better year. Strange? I also thought so.

Last year it felt on the Chinese New Year day and I virtually had the entire world celebrate with me. This year it fall a bit earlier and I had to find some place to treat myself slightly better.

Japanese seems good. So, I went to this Zen Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid. A nicely built eating place with fantastic food. A good place to sit by the window and look at the street. A good place to sit comfort and enjoy some fine sashimi. A good place to make a wish for a better year a head. Good food, good life!

Forget what's these bean called already (hey, I am Chinaman, not Japanese laa), but I love it very much.

Sushi set dinner with udon soup. Nice.

Sashimi set. I felt like a cat eating those raw fish. enjoyable as it feel kind of healthy and I love wasabi.


O&S Hawker Center @ PJ

One Sunday morning when I accidentally in PJ for breakfast and past through this O&S restaurant in Paramouth Garden (shop opposite Caltex), I saw sea of people sitting there.

The shop is famous of its fish head bee hun and prawn noodle. So, I must try both!

Those huge pieces are fried fish head. Seldom see such a large portion for fish head bee hun. It was well cooked.

The prawn noodle's stall sign.

Not too spicy, but very sweet with seafood taste. Guess the soup was cooked from the original prawn.

Side dish, poh piah. Hugely stuff as well.


Korea Food "Da Chang Jin".

Korean food has become popular these days because of Korean series and globalization of food culture. We can now easily enjoy Korean meal here and the price has become more for public. Not like those days, Korean was few and serve in high end restaurent specially for the rich.

I love Haeun Khon in AmCorp Mall . But this "Da Chang Jin" chain of restaurantcatches my attention and I thought I need to give it a try.

Nice environment, good decoration and very pleasant eating atmosphere. Price list shows more expensive than Haeun Khon. However, if you like Korea BBQ, here you have.

Slightly higher price, but 9 plates of dishes! Wow! I don't even know which one to start.

Stone bowl rice full of vegetables. No wonder I felt very healthy that day. Taste yummy!

Kimchi soup... I am starting to like it, especially this one. Spicy and tasty, with plenty of vegetables.

After meal, why not have a icy water chest nut? Cooling, sweet, refreshing and looks pretty!


2007 ... Good Year, Good Life!

Economist.com country forecast for Malaysia.

I believe 2007 will be a good year for all of us!

"Believe" give us strength and direction.
"Believe" give us hope and motivation.
"Believe" give us tomorrow and motion.

Believe gave me patient and waiting for more than 12 months for this perfect brew.
Open it to cheer my hard work for the past 2006.
Open it to toast for a better year for all my friends!

This is the batch I brewed and kept for a year. Sometime patient and confident expect unexpected results. Same batch as I posted in Good Food, Good Life!