Asam laksa and more... in Jusco Mid Valley

I am sure that most of us had been to Mid Valley Megamall and shop in Jusco there. So, you should not miss it when you were in top floor and smelling people queueing up for asam laksa at the section selling plants and gardening stuff.

I could not say that the food there is the best. But, when you walking and shopping for hours in a department store, it would be always nice to have some spicy and nice aroma food, right?

Not the best I have, but I don't mind to have it whenever I go shopping there.

Asam laksa, looks okay, taste okay, but it smell nice. Wonder what kinda fish they use.

This is call KL KoewTiao Soup, just koewtioa added with "pan mian" soup and ingredients.

Curry mee, somehow, I just love to try curry mee, where ever I go. My favourite food.


Ipoh Great Coffee, Best Toasted Bread!

Last month, after our trip to Cameron, we stopped in Kong Heng, Ipoh for Horfan and White Coffee. It was nice and fantastic. However, Chong, who is originate from Ipoh told me that I had yet drink the best coffee in Ipoh.

I finally had the chance to taste some good coffee on the day 15 of CNY, when we traveled there for an important visit.

Kedai Kopi Sun Yuan Foong, looks ordinary? Walk in and verified it, please.

This shop Sun Yuan Foong is located just opposite Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam. And I was told that Sun Yuan Foong has far longer history than the opposite Old Town Kopitiam. No wonder I never thought Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam offer good coffee, which is no way close to my favorite Kemaman Kopitiam.

I ordered the original Kopi-O and Special Toasted Bread with Half Boiled Egg. We had also some other side orders (just some normal foods) like cheong fan and normal toasted bread.

I would say I like the Kopi-O just like I did for the Kemaman Kopitiam. Strong but not thick. Not too sweet. Aroma was just great! I finally confirm that Ipoh really serve good traditional coffee.

No fancy cup, but something special inside.

The bread I had was very special. It was toasted hot and spread with butter, and it served with half boiled egg on top of it. I could not find a particular words to describe the taste, or feeling eating this. Even before I ate it, its appearance was beautiful. Not that kind of food that decorated finely, but with just plain sweet yellow, orange color egg as a topping, I just love the way it presented to me.

The skill of preparing those egg was not simple. I could imagine how accurate the timing and temperature to prepare such nicely cook egg.

I just love how it presented to me, pretty!

Spread away the egg, added with some pepper, wonderful!

Normal cheongfan, but stuffed with vegetable. I call it pohpiah style cheongfan.

A table of traditional fine food, a satisfied afternoon.


Lover's Date, Lovely Food.


Last day of Chinese New Year, celebrate by praying for better.

Live Life!

Zap Goh Meh, the 15th day of Chinese New Year and our first full moon for this year. We went to a temple around Ipoh, near Sg Siput for praying, together with thousands of others from all over the country.

The temple name.

Bell ringing for all students.

Some food served. Eaten for better life, better destiny.

Lion head, majestic yet pretty.

Its a powerful animal, lucky simbol.

Which lion you like? Which is more Life?

Good Life! Live Life!

A Traditional Hokkian Dish for Spring Festival... Dried Bamboo Shoot.

Not many people know how to eat bamboo shoot. Or even heard of eating bamboo shoot. Yes, we eat bamboo, and we are not Panda.

According to Wikipedia, Bamboo: The shoots (new bamboo culms that come out of the ground) of bamboo, called zhú sǔn (竹笋) in Chinese, are edible. They are used in Asian stir fry, and are available in supermarkets in various sliced forms. However, the shoots of some species contain toxins that need to be leached or boiled out before they can be eaten safely.

This is raw bamboo shoots, just for your info.


Sometimes simple own cook noodle... Better!

Chinese New Year celebration should be like this: eat, tv, gamble, eat, sleep, eat, gamble, tv, ...

And we are going to celebrate like that for full 15 days!

Although this is the year of Dog, but I am not sure how many of you had turn to piggy already.

At least for me, I had received complains regarding to my sudden increase of mass density.

So, in order to satisfy my inner needs, I will introduce a simple own cook noodle soup to refresh us that not necessary only a ten course meal with "Yi Sang" will make you happy.

To prepare this is simple. First, you boil and cook any amount of spaghetti you like. As spaghetti is hard, you need to boil for long, until it turn soft, but springy.