Bakmi Cincau

I am one of the noodle expert, at least in terms of academic qualification. My final year project was to evaluate the quality of yellow noodle based on different flour protein content, water alkalinity and microwaved pre-treatment. I am proud of it because I loves noodle.

And people here is REALLY fanatic about noodle. Bakmi is in every corner. No street burger, Roti Chanai, just Bakmi everywhere.

Bakmi is different from yellow noodle in Malay. Yellow noodle is precooked and coated with vegetable oil for longer storage. Bakmi is very similar to Hong Kong Wontan noodle, freshly uncooked.

What amazed me is noodle here all has very good texture. Never soggy, always chewy. People here knows how to make good noodle.

Today breakfast was green Cincau Bakmi. Freshly cooked in front of our house by an old man from Medan. He cycles his small cart around the neighborhood  No need to call for delivery. Just wave my hand when he passes by and cook for us right away. How convenient!

Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight

2012 is closing. Lot's of celebration for surviving the past 365 days. Lot's of review and rethink on our gains and misses. Lot's of plans and resolutions for the coming 365 days.

I say, let's go for some good food. We never know what is coming tomorrow. Life is full of surprise.

We noticed this restaurant in a Ranch Market nearby our place. Long time since we last have our Chinese together. Food tasted just like in KL and Singapore. Not superb still, but good enough for us to come back again.


Furama, Jakarta food Hong Kong Style

There is no different in every big city. Dense population, terrible traffic, pollution, and world variety of foods. Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, you name it.

I was invited to a year end dinner in this Chinese restaurant. Oh I do miss those so familiar food.

Not superb, but I just craved for it.


Jakarta street food.

Street finger foods are unique to the local. They reflex the true identity of the community.

When we seek to understand a place, there is no better way than walk in the street and taste their taste, feel the aroma and experience the way local fill their mouth.

Pempek, fish cake with stuffing inside. Eat with sweet sauce and chili.

Siomay, very similar to Yong Tou Fu. Selling everywhere.

Gohiong, chicken sausage Chinese style. Similar to Penang Lobak.


Home cooked fried rice.

Practice makes perfect.

Still remember when she first cooked. Always out of my imagination can take. I can felt her heart in the dish. But the taste just blown me away.

Her skills has been improved dramatically. And it took her only 3 months.

Maybe she need to impress her little prince everyday. Or she just do have talent.

I can still feel her heart in her food. And it will still blow me away, in a good way.


Char Kway Teow Jakarta Style

Beside rice, people here eat a lot of noodle. Bakmi is everywhere. We hardly see people eating bihun or kway teow.

When I first staying here permanently, I missed most Bak Kut Teh, curry noodle, roti chanai and Char Kway Teow. Until one day my friend took me to a local hawker stall run by a Medan origin. His fried Kway Teow reminded me Penang's Three Sisters.

Picture below was taken when we ate at a shop near Kapuk area. Egg, pork with extreme high heat frying. Wonderful!

But, where is the cockle "si-ham"?


Mark's back!

After 2 years MIA, finally I am back to blog.

Life is dynamic. Like waves in the sea. It seems constant and identical day in day out. But if you look carefully, the waves never the same. We never know the next one will be strong or just a little agitation.

My life has been completely turned. With 2 little devils taking up most of my attention, eating has become so basic for me. The taste, the texture, the sense and the color was hardly noticed. Speed is the point to fill up my stomach before the devils swing their mood.

Since receding in Jakarta few months ago, life has been stabilized. Hence, i think it's time to Mark's Makan for a new venture.