In Melbourne...

2nd day in Melbourne... peaceful environment here.
Food? Dun like it...
I could safe the money and have shark fin back home then.


Selamat Hari Raya!

I live in Malay neighbourhood. Their hospitality and friendliness are undoubtedly good.

These are traditional Malay cakes gift by my neighbour. Well decorated, taste great!

Selamat Hari Raya and may all of us have a better year ahead!


F1... not the speed, but the theme.

I guess F1 is very famous among students. I had my first meal many years ago in Serdang and it was fantastic.

When I moved to Puchong, the place was blessed with a branch of F1 just beside IOI Mall. Business was crazy good. I love its cheesy chicken chop and fried bun.

Then, after I moved away from Puchong. The restaurant sadly disappear with no sign no where.

It cannot be that they close the shop because of me right? Anyway, I never thought that it was business that cause it to close down, either.

Months later, I notice it reappear in IOI Mall itself. And months after that, another branch open at Bandar Putri, new shops at Giant area.

Now, F1 is everywhere, just like our Kopitiam. But the food is never be the same again. I am not sure is the environment changed or the chef's student never learn properly. I do hope one day the food will improve to they used to be.


Little Penang Kafe... Hoojiak

There are lots of restaurants opening at The Curve. All well renovated and looks fantastic outside. I believe if we are looking for a nice place to have our meal, we would not be disappointed.

Good place not necessary equal to good food. Just like rich does not necessary means you are wealthy.

I am impressed with this Little Penang Kafe. The set up is unique to allow me travelled back time. The food? Above average, but of course, not the best you can get.

Penang prawn noodle. This one has really big prawn. Of course, the price also quite big.

Lum mee also looks good.


Kanna Curry House... Wow!

Near Rothman roundabout, SS2, opposite Green View Restaurant locate one of the best Indian curry house in town. Kanna Curry House is not only famous for its traditional Indian curry and banana leave rice, but also fried seafood and meat.

The food ain't cheap but reasonable with quality offer. I love the place since my first encounter 5 years ago.

I love "sotong". These fried squid make my sliver drip.

Fish was fresh and marinated perfectly well.

I love these deep fried bitter gourd and chilli. Just couldn't resist it.

High cholesterol, but that is what makes the food temptation.


Kwai Lam Seafood...Fantastic!

I live near Kampung Subang for more than a year, but not aware that there is such good restaurant call Kwai Lam. I did hear about it many times, but not paying attention. I thought seafood not nearby the sea, sure not fresh, somemore expensive.

Sometimes this kind of unrealistic thought makes you miss out good things in life.

Well, let's look at below picture and see how I value few of the dishes.

See those crowd? I have no idea if they are the first batch or 3rd batch, but people kept coming in and the scene was just like a wedding dinner.

Picture taken too dark. But the crab was fantastic. Very meaty. Real fatty crab.

This fish is ordinary "ikan Tilapia". It is cheap and very common. But it was grilled just nice with perfect marinate.

I was not keen on these tiny little bamboo shells. I have been eaten 5 times larger than that. But, most of them end up in my stomach.

This is the shop's favorite. Fried chicken wings. If come with beer, how nice?


Mid Autumn Festival.

No moon at sight... hazy night.
No beer on table... cake taste right.
Lantern bright and moon cake light.
Good Food, Good Life... all live life.


Restaurant Paramount Garden... revisited

How you make money from a restaurant business? There is only one way, offer good food, tasty food, unique food, reasonable price food and your patron will come again and again. Repetition business comes from happy customer. You need little extra to attract them. It is far more easy to maintain a satisfy customer than to attract new one.

So, treat your customer well. You will earn flowing from them. By words of mouth, you will earn much more from their friends.

I love this Restaurant Paramount Garden's "pan mian". I do not know why. Say it is the best... nope. But I just feel satisfy whenever I eat there.

Spinach "pan mian"... sounds healthy, taste good!

Portuguese grill fish... looks good, but taste "ma ma" only.