Fatty Mee Hun Kuih House @ Berkely

When I was young, there was hardly any stall selling pan mien or what we used to called "mee hun ger" in Hokkian. Granma used to cook herself sometime and we were in heaven.

Now all these home cook food is available everywhere and some just so fantastically delicious!


Sushi Zanmai @ Garden Mid Valley

The world says that a man need to pay for the bill when he dines with a lady. If he dines with another man he must also pretend to be generous to pay.

That's why a professional female salesperson has certain advantage when dealing with Mr Uncle-Customer. Can he feels not appreciated when a young lady pay for his meal?

However, bear in mind that a too sexy thing might give negative effect on your product. Those uncles might not be able to differentiate your product with the delicacy of your representative.

I am not used to let girl pay for my bill. Maybe I am a little ego, or I just do not have the looks like F4. Uncle is the one should pay for the lunch right?

That is why it is so memorable when she pays for the Sushi Zanmai.

Sometimes, a little odd makes your life spark.

Celebration for her new job's pay day. I "tumpang gembira".


San Francisco @ Bukit Jelutong

There is only few shops in Bukit Jelutong because of the small population. There is even very few restaurant there. So, we cannot expect to have all the heavenly food possible.

However, recently there is one Italian restaurant open beside the Petronas station.