Nice Noolde @ Subang

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Home Cooked Food

"Dear, what do you want to eat this week?" Wife asked one day.
"KFC?" My automatic reply, without a thought, as always.
"I mean what you want me to cook for you la..."
"Oh! ... Oh?!" I was thinking are you sure? Or should it be "what you want to cook for me?"
"Tim Xun Kai (sweet sour chicken), Fu Yu Yao Mak (fermented bean curd vegetable) and a soup of the day." I replied.
"Wow!" was her reaction.
I laughed.
"It's not that easy to feed me, my dear, after all I am Mark's Makan you know." I made a challenge to her and continue my smile.


Few days later, we had our home cooked dinner served perfectly.

Nothing is impossible, I believe now.

Austin Chase @ Boulavard

It is very easy to attract crowd to your coffee house. Just brew your strong and best aroma coffee all the time.
Fish attracted to the bait, so do people, especially coffee lover like me. I felt like a fish who just cannot help myself but take the bait.

Still remember few years back when Rotiboy started their business. Rows and rows of "fishes" queuing up for the aroma.

We are all dominated by our senses. Pretty faces are pleasant to remember. Awful body odor chase you away. That is why my customers who doing flavor and fragrance ingredients are laughing to their banks all the time.


Dragon-i Mid Valley

Remembered many years go when it first started it's business, we when for the "siu long pao". Many years later mum suddenly craved for it and we visited again.

Somehow this time we found the food "so so nia". Maybe there has been booming of restaurant through out the years. Or the original cook is not already on guard.

But the crowd still plentiful. After all, it is in Mid Valley Mall. No matter what you offer in that mall, your place will be full during meal hour.


Chocolate @ Curve

I never thought anyone can open a restaurant with chocolate as theme. I thought chocolate only sell in candy shop or cookies stall.

But I can tell you that the chocolate dip I took was fantastical delicious.

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Pastamania @ SG

Pasta fast food. Not very special. Just a place to quickly to recharge your energy with reasonable taste.


Barroca @ SG

Once upon a time, my formal Singapore colleague suggested me to work there.

I thought why should I lock myself in that tiny island?

What he said that time make little sense. I was not a family man then. I was so sensitive to the legendary rules and regulations rumors. Imagine they can't enjoy chewing gum!


Relaxation Drink?

An article in Food & Drink Europe recently stated that relaxation drink started to appear in the market. It contains herbs that make us relax and some even has laughing gas!


Jojo Little Kitchen @ Subang Jaya

"What is Min Fun Gou? Who on earth will each such food?" my grandma used to say so to my mother.
Don't take it wrong, she is my father's mother, not mum's mum.


Coffee @ Kinokuniya

Weekend, trying to relax, not with beer and party, but a quiet time at the book shop with a cup of coffee, garlic bread, mushroom soup and a new story. This can be also enjoyable.
Once upon a time, my buddy colleague told me that he always allocate certain amount of budget each month for "self enhancement". Either buying beer or book.


Tea time @ Mutiara Hotel

What else a hotel can serves beside a nice and clean bed after a hard day's work?

A freshly brewed coffee perhaps, with tasty small bites.

Coffee and paper make me forget a little the home I missed.


Abalone Kwe Tiao @ JB

I still seriously doubt that what I ate ain't abalone. But some how it tasted shell fish. Hope is it just pieces of a large shell fish, not any artificial food created by some 'food technologist'.


Happy Meal @ TGI Friday Subang

It is very hard to spend our Monday like today. We have to wake up so early that we wish we were sick for MC. Rushing to work just knowing that you have tonnes of tasks to be settled in no time. No matter how many cup of coffee you drink, you still wonder where the caffeine goes.


USM Developed Bio-plastic from Fruit's Skin

University Sain Malaysia (USM) researchers in Malaysia said they have developed a biodegradable plastic packaging from tropical fruit skins that is durable and economic to produce.


High blood pressure caused by sugary drinks.

Not a good news for those who loves soda. Too for the two big cola companies. But might help some of us identify other reason of suffering high blood pressure, beside getting from our bosses.


Dairy contributed 4% of GHG.

More and more people is concerning about our environment nowadays.

The 7-Eleven guy now always ask if I need plastic bag. Most of you participated Earth Hour to show your concern and support to preserve our planet.

But this is interesting. Do you know that you might not be very environmental friendly if you drink milk or eat cheese or butter. According to the FAO, the industry is contributing about 4% of green house gases emission.


Taiwan Restaurant @ SS2 PJ

3/4 restaurant, 1/4 hand phone shop, at SS2 PJ near the food court central area open a Taiwan food restaurant.


Hoe Fong Chicken Rice @ SEA Park PJ

When I was first brought to Hoe Fong Chicken Rice by my ex colleague, I was pretty sure he is bringing me to some very good chicken.

You see, my this friend is a very loyal person. He only eat chicken and he must eat chicken everyday. I never saw him eating else but chicken rice. So, he is certainly qualify to be my guide for the best chicken rice.

I am also pretty sure if he goes to the farm, all those birds will run away like no tomorrow. Chicken run!


Warm meal @ home

Do you like your home cooked food? Or you prefer eating out at any of the posh restaurant?


Sister Pan Mian @ Balakong

I came across few stall call Sister, and they all serve fantastic food. I think when few "sisters" join together doing something special, result will be tremendous.


Little Taiwan @ 1 Utama

Little Taiwan, Malaysia Origin. Looking at the brand one knows this is not typical Taiwan food, nor Malaysian delicacy. It is cross mixed, hybrid between two. 


Potential Carcinogens in Fresh Food

"Nothing is safe to eat nowadays."  My friend said after he heard about recycle frying oil for goreng pisang story by me.


3 Sisters in JB

 A friend took me to this restaurant in JB, it served some nice food. A little like home cook food, but has it's uniqueness.

Malaysian Kopi-O Coffee Made from Liberica beans

There's a new coffee on the horizon. The centuries-old Malaysian Kopi, named Asia's best coffee by The Wall Street Journal, is a must-have for serious coffee lovers.

With its distinctive burnt flavor derived from roasting coffee beans with butter and sugar, kopi is quite different from the brews sold throughout the U.S.


Coffee and Soda Dirnk Nothing to do with Colon Cancer

I never thought that drinking coffee or soda drink will cause colon cancer. As a heavy coffee drinker, when I saw the subject title, my heart stopped a while. It bit back after I I fully understand that the study shows coffee has nothing to do with colon cancer.


Estern Promise @ Kemang Jakarta

Somebody put our office in Southern of Jakarta. So I got to stay around the area most of the time when I ever there. It is way from the city center, so a little peace and quiet. 


Carls' Junior @ Sunway Pyramid

If you have known me well enough, you must know that I am a fast food man. I swallow my food very fast and I love Happy Meal.

I found a super duple happy meal in Sunway Pyramid. Yup! Super burger, superb. The portion is large, ingredient is quality and the taste is memorable.


Restaurent Sunrise @ PJ, Duck Only.

I think it is not easy to find another restaurant selling nothing else but hundreds of roast duck each day, and dare to claim to be able sold out every day.

Sunrise's business hour is started 11:30am until sold out everyday. It has been such for many years.


Kong Fu Beehun @ Jakarta

Once upon a time, someone told me that Chinese is everywhere on earth. I did not believe as I could not see them present everywhere that obvious.

Maybe they are humble to keep their head low. Maybe they are just busy earning food to survive at every corner here and there. Or maybe most of them already lost their root to become the new kind of citizen elsewhere.


Waraku @ Singapore

The first time I ate at Waraku, I was so confused I though I was in the wrong place. The food seems Italian, but the setting very Japanese.

They said it serves Japanese style pizza and oriental taste pasta. I wonder Moshi moshi_san will ever enjoy Italian style sushi in Kuala Lumpur.

Normally we, the third kind (not Japanese nor Italian) will not choose a 'pirate' dish if we can have the 'original copy'. Moreover, I am not in Japan, I have plenty of choices here.

But after I had my first time, I agree why they claim 'Promising... of the year'.
I have a very fond feeling when I saw their branch in Sunway Pyramid.


Penang Road Trip

"My papa drives a very big car."

"My one has 3 cars. One can take many people."

"My daddy no need to drive, we have driver."

You might think most kids like to show off. Why they never taught to be humble.

But in actual, we all like to think what we are having is the best in this world. I am the best, or I have the best makes me feel special.


Kong Sai Zai @ Sunway Mentari

As usual, today is chicken day and we got to have some nice chicken meal with my sis.

Kong Sai Zai has opened a branch in Sunway Mentari. We tried their chicken in Puchong before and kind of like it.

I say kind of is because, after the vote, all my family preferred except my vote.

So, why they like and why mine go the other way?

My father-in-law is Kong Sai people. As a result, my wife got to love the taste and the way of cooking, especially the "unique" sauce.

My mother think that the chicken taste good and cheaper then the Jalan Gasing one.

My sister like the yellowish skin of the chicken.

Me? I just not prefer chicken serving in cold and half cooked to preserve the texture. I like my chicken to be hot, full of steam and deep cooked even to the bone.


Vientien Breakfast Hunt

100_2503This usually happen to us and always happen to me. When I started to enjoy myself, it is always the end and time to go.

Why climax always happen towards the end? It happen like that so that we will remember that and miss it. And then you will want to have it again and again.


Delicious Dinner @ Vang Vieng

When I submitted my leave application, my boss was quite surprised I am going to Laos. He said normally Asian do not vacation in such places. He however love the country.

A French base in Bangkok, he always brings his family to these under develop places to appreciate life. I share the same thought.


Breakfast @ Bansuan Hotel, Vang Vieng

We need to pay for our breakfast in the hotel we stayed. USD 15 per room is sure without breakfast included.

But we had our breakfast at the same spot every morning.

I just love the food, the soup, the scenery and the cat.


Banana Pancake @ Vang Vieng

Very similar to our roti pisang, just a little less oily and crispy.
I more prefer roti canai.


Beer Lao @ Vang Vieng

It all started when I was looking for a trip during recent Chinese New Year with my family. Many places was being raised and discussed on the round table. And you can guess the discussion was somehow very close to typical corporate meeting. Lots of talking but no final conclusion.

I booked tickets to Vientian few days later and the rest was history.
Why Vientian and why Vang Vieng?

Me too have never heard about Vang Vieng until sister mentioned to us.


Sun Tuan Foong White Coffee @ Ipoh

We know Ipoh is the place with many nice food. So, if you have nothing to do during weekends, why not drive up North and do a simple food hunt?

I simply Googled and found tonnes of recommendations when I recently did that.

Problem is, if you go every week, your little fuel and toll money will transformed into fats in your body.

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