Crown Plaza @ Changi

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Home Cooked Food

"Dear, what do you want to eat this week?" Wife asked one day.
"KFC?" My automatic reply, without a thought, as always.
"I mean what you want me to cook for you la..."
"Oh! ... Oh?!" I was thinking are you sure? Or should it be "what you want to cook for me?"
"Tim Xun Kai (sweet sour chicken), Fu Yu Yao Mak (fermented bean curd vegetable) and a soup of the day." I replied.
"Wow!" was her reaction.
I laughed.
"It's not that easy to feed me, my dear, after all I am Mark's Makan you know." I made a challenge to her and continue my smile.


Few days later, we had our home cooked dinner served perfectly.

Nothing is impossible, I believe now.

Austin Chase @ Boulavard

It is very easy to attract crowd to your coffee house. Just brew your strong and best aroma coffee all the time.
Fish attracted to the bait, so do people, especially coffee lover like me. I felt like a fish who just cannot help myself but take the bait.

Still remember few years back when Rotiboy started their business. Rows and rows of "fishes" queuing up for the aroma.

We are all dominated by our senses. Pretty faces are pleasant to remember. Awful body odor chase you away. That is why my customers who doing flavor and fragrance ingredients are laughing to their banks all the time.


Dragon-i Mid Valley

Remembered many years go when it first started it's business, we when for the "siu long pao". Many years later mum suddenly craved for it and we visited again.

Somehow this time we found the food "so so nia". Maybe there has been booming of restaurant through out the years. Or the original cook is not already on guard.

But the crowd still plentiful. After all, it is in Mid Valley Mall. No matter what you offer in that mall, your place will be full during meal hour.