Best Chicken Rice in PJ... Restaurent Choon Yien

People call him James Ayam. A stall selling the best chicken and char siew in SS17, very near Food Foundry. James serve the best chicken rice, but the weired service.

During peak hour, customers will be very tense as the owner dose. This is because you got to prepared to be grumble and even receive some hard words from him.


Food Foundry... nice food found

I guess people hanging around PJ will know this little shop selling fine western cuisine at student price. I was brought to the place, which suppose to be an area full with hawker food. Surprise to know there is Western food offer here, and a very "fine" one.


Takiyaki... Sotong ball I like

I love sotong (squid) more than any other seafood. That's why I love to watch Pirates of the Caribbean. It keep my imagination on how to cook that squid.

Asia Cafe in Subang has one stall selling Takiyaki. Sure I need to give it a try.


The Original Chan Saw Lin 3rd Road Fish Head

I seen Chan Saw Lin fish head everywhere in town or out town. I thought they are the franchisee but Fong said only idiot go to those restaurants because all operators are not related to each other and they just pirated the name sake to fish the "fish head".

I felt like a fish head because I had been to these kind of imitation shops few times, few places.


Look Out Point... Romantic Site

Can you name me any romantic place to have a passion dinner with your "one" in KL? Oh! Plenty for sure. Just flick your RM notes and you can have a fascinating candle light on top of KL tower. Or a boat cuisine in the Putrajaya Lake.

Through you another task. With less than 35 bucks, how can you find a better place to have dinner in view of the entire KL? Yes! KL view with western cuisine, at Look Out Point, in Ampang.

Started with a ... err, soup? Or some creamy milky water...