USM Developed Bio-plastic from Fruit's Skin

University Sain Malaysia (USM) researchers in Malaysia said they have developed a biodegradable plastic packaging from tropical fruit skins that is durable and economic to produce.


High blood pressure caused by sugary drinks.

Not a good news for those who loves soda. Too for the two big cola companies. But might help some of us identify other reason of suffering high blood pressure, beside getting from our bosses.


Dairy contributed 4% of GHG.

More and more people is concerning about our environment nowadays.

The 7-Eleven guy now always ask if I need plastic bag. Most of you participated Earth Hour to show your concern and support to preserve our planet.

But this is interesting. Do you know that you might not be very environmental friendly if you drink milk or eat cheese or butter. According to the FAO, the industry is contributing about 4% of green house gases emission.


Taiwan Restaurant @ SS2 PJ

3/4 restaurant, 1/4 hand phone shop, at SS2 PJ near the food court central area open a Taiwan food restaurant.


Hoe Fong Chicken Rice @ SEA Park PJ

When I was first brought to Hoe Fong Chicken Rice by my ex colleague, I was pretty sure he is bringing me to some very good chicken.

You see, my this friend is a very loyal person. He only eat chicken and he must eat chicken everyday. I never saw him eating else but chicken rice. So, he is certainly qualify to be my guide for the best chicken rice.

I am also pretty sure if he goes to the farm, all those birds will run away like no tomorrow. Chicken run!


Warm meal @ home

Do you like your home cooked food? Or you prefer eating out at any of the posh restaurant?


Sister Pan Mian @ Balakong

I came across few stall call Sister, and they all serve fantastic food. I think when few "sisters" join together doing something special, result will be tremendous.


Little Taiwan @ 1 Utama

Little Taiwan, Malaysia Origin. Looking at the brand one knows this is not typical Taiwan food, nor Malaysian delicacy. It is cross mixed, hybrid between two. 


Potential Carcinogens in Fresh Food

"Nothing is safe to eat nowadays."  My friend said after he heard about recycle frying oil for goreng pisang story by me.


3 Sisters in JB

 A friend took me to this restaurant in JB, it served some nice food. A little like home cook food, but has it's uniqueness.

Malaysian Kopi-O Coffee Made from Liberica beans

There's a new coffee on the horizon. The centuries-old Malaysian Kopi, named Asia's best coffee by The Wall Street Journal, is a must-have for serious coffee lovers.

With its distinctive burnt flavor derived from roasting coffee beans with butter and sugar, kopi is quite different from the brews sold throughout the U.S.


Coffee and Soda Dirnk Nothing to do with Colon Cancer

I never thought that drinking coffee or soda drink will cause colon cancer. As a heavy coffee drinker, when I saw the subject title, my heart stopped a while. It bit back after I I fully understand that the study shows coffee has nothing to do with colon cancer.


Estern Promise @ Kemang Jakarta

Somebody put our office in Southern of Jakarta. So I got to stay around the area most of the time when I ever there. It is way from the city center, so a little peace and quiet. 


Carls' Junior @ Sunway Pyramid

If you have known me well enough, you must know that I am a fast food man. I swallow my food very fast and I love Happy Meal.

I found a super duple happy meal in Sunway Pyramid. Yup! Super burger, superb. The portion is large, ingredient is quality and the taste is memorable.


Restaurent Sunrise @ PJ, Duck Only.

I think it is not easy to find another restaurant selling nothing else but hundreds of roast duck each day, and dare to claim to be able sold out every day.

Sunrise's business hour is started 11:30am until sold out everyday. It has been such for many years.