Rasa Thai @ Subang Parade

Restaurent at Subang Parade mainly business for working lunch. The crowd is not as pack in the weekend.

Normally I have no high hope for these "canteen" food. Working people normally look for economic, fast and "okay" food.

So, I never thought there is nice food available there until sis took us there one fine evening.

Price is okay and it is not as ordinary as Secret Recipe nor McD.

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Happy TIGER Year!




Sin Seng Fatt Curry Noddle @ Ipoh

"What is famous here?" I asked the boss.
"Everything shows on the wall are famous." Very well answered. But I felt dumb.

"I want a bowl of curry hor fan." I ordered.

"I don't want to have any prawn." She ordered.
"No problem, I can take it off." Boss has no issue.
"err... I mean I cannot eat any seafood."
"Oh! In this case, you have nothing to eat here. All the soup prepared with prawn."


"Now we know his main recipe is prawn. Next time bring sis here and check for the chicken." She suggested quietly.
"Good idea! Then we will know exactly why the soup so sweet and tasty." What a brilliant idea!

By the way, that meal, I have to finish the bowl alone with one good mate.

Curry noodle with thick santan, served with chicken strips and 2 large prawn.

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Yik Mun Halal Pao @ Tg Malim

Preparing meal for my family is a challenge, real challenge. Mother always complain how hard she cook if everyone is going to eat at the same table.

You must be thinking as a food blogger, I should be the one to give her all the pressure to serve. You are wrong. I have had a very long and intensive training to not be choosy on food from her since young.

Sister is allergy to chicken. So anything related to chicken normally ban on the table.

Wife is allergy to seafood. So, anything comes from the ocean will hardly find its way to our plates.

Further to that, she also don't take pork.

Now you can guess how hard my mother to cook. And how "kesian" my tummy.

So, don;t blame myself to open up widely when I hunt for food outside. I am too healthy at house.

Problem is, 95% of my meal is eating out.


Honestly, I don't find it terribly superb for Yik Mun pao, except it is Halal and well prepared. I have eaten better textured char siu pao at many places.

But. Yik Mun serve one of the best Halal pao to our Muslim friend and my wife.

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Chicken Day @ Kuang Xi Restaurent

My sister is allergy to chicken. Yes, chicken (ayam).

She used to suffer itchiness everyday and we do not know what happen. After long search and discovering, chicken is the cause.

So, chicken is not a usual dish in house. That's why I patron KFC so frequent.

Once a while, when she crave for the bird, she will take the medic and the day will be call Chicken Day.

Last Saturday is that day and we scout for rooster, hans, etc.

Wife says she was born in the year of "phoenix", so she is cool on that.

Kuang Xi Restaurent in Sunway supply very good chicken meal. The restaurent is in the middle of all the steamboat outlet. Easy to find.

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