Noodle Village... Puchong

I used to live in Puchong. It was few years back, when the area was newly developing and our food hunt was all hawker centers. Lately, many nicely renovated restaurants are mushrooming in Bandar Putri and the surrounding area.

I noticed a restaurant call Noodle Village near Giant Puchong. As I love noodle till death, you will be sure I am getting in and have a look.

It was very well set up, cozy and nice. Tables, chairs, cutlery all unique. Not too high class, but just nice.

Nice place not necessary serving great food. If the place is well set up enough, it might divert our attention to the food. This is what I believe, as a marketer. So, I find it difficult to comment purely on the food, without taking consideration of other factors. Packaging is important, far more important than the stuff inside.

This is the kicap chicken noodle I tried. Obviously the cook know how to steam chicken and cook with kicap. The meat was tender and juicy. Noodle was nice. Springy but a little soft for me. Taste good.

This is the "loh pan mian". Looks good and full. However, I still prefer the one in Paramount Garden.

After a good meal, it has become a habit for me to have a cuppa "cham" lately. See the thick foam? This is machine works, with special soy creamer as ingredients. Absolutely not the "teh tarik" style we used to drink. So, expect consistent quality.


Wong Kok... HK Style Eat Out

Long time ago when my friends ask me to go KimGary, I rejected without hesitation. Reason one, they not buy my supply (I used to work in chemical cleaning co.). Reason two, I thought these fancy restaurants are targeting for A Beng A Lian, who watch HK series HK movie a lot.

However, first impression is always wrong. I am not sure if I am now one of the A Beng, or A Pek. But I do enjoy eating out at these places lately. They are clean, trendy, cozy, and most importantly, food taste not bad with reasonable price.

I am sure most of you out there had been to these kind of cult restaurants. I went to Wong Kok in IOI Puchong recently. Let me show you few food I had tried.

Fried Cheong Fan. Cheong Fan very soft and silky. Sifu fried it well, with dry prawn, carrot cuts and other spices. Nicely prepared.

This chicken wings in cheese looks pretty nice. The cheese taste great also. Only one part need to be improve, the wings were not well cooked enough. Too raw.

I like burger. That's why I like McD. But I could only have chicken burger at those fast food places. This is pork burger. Special, but not as good as KimG.

After a good meal, a cuppa hot "Charm" will be the best I can get.

Very few people blog about this restaurent chain, guess it is not that popular, and special though.

Food Cookies


Fan-Tastic from McD

I love McDonalds!

I know, I know... you guys will surely say its totally unhealthy. Full of fats and junk! Infect all my friends when heard what I do to myself they all will give the same reaction: "you already so "Big", eat so much junk, beware of your heart, dear."

I mean, what "Big"? And I do have a lovely heart. :)

I love fastfood because it serve fast, and clean. And the most important, my work deal with fast food. If I not support them, who will support my salary?

When I was in the Singapore airport couple of months ago, I took my meal at the McD there. It was joy I discovered this Fan-Tastic, chicken petty rice bun. Its like eating chicken rice in burger style. What a wonderful product.

The rice petty was pressed, cooked and backed with sesame and other spices. It use to replace bread bun of the traditional burger. Great food!

I did a search in the web and found some great picture from Selva in Flickr. She took great pictures!

There were couples of great comments on the food as well.

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