I do cook...

After blogging for so long, showing me eating other people's cooking and leaving so much comments, some might think that I only know how to eat and talk.

Well, in ancient Chinese culture, man do not enter kitchen and in fact they do only eat and talk and give comments.

Guess I am stepping into a very dangerous argument. Better keep quite and admit that I am a lausy cook as I seldom play in the kitchen.

However, I think I might have some hidden talents as this is the first time I do "pan mian".

If you ask how it taste, sure I will say "tumbs up", laa....


Ever seen a purple corn?

I can't believe what I saw in Cameron Highland market the other day. Purple corn.
Those corn looks damn pretty. Just like many tiny gem stone. I am sure you ladies must be loving it.

I bought a steamed one (plain, without butter or else) and took a few bites. Taste and texture totally different from our normal corn.

The store man told me that the species is cross breed between corn and glutinous rice (I am quite surprise that our biotech has advance to much!). So, you must not surprise that those things have glutinous rice color, shape like corn but taste like glutinous rice. Which means no taste, sticky and very starchy.

I do not think you will like it to be eaten just like that. Maybe we can use it for this coming May Festival to make "Zhongzi". Or, do it like what I did... Took some nice pictures and show it to friends and forget about eating it, again.


Pun Chun Revisited

On the day before Chiness New Year, I went to Bidor and had my duck leg mee, yummy!
Boo said that their "yam kok" is also wonderful.
So, I had no choice but to stop by the shop again to try it out.

Snapped some photo on how they prepare the "Wu Kok". Looks easy? But I could not do that.

After deep fried, those balls carried by this special tray. Very traditional Chinese feel.

Fresh from the boiling oil, pack home and no body will run away with it.

Fine display, smells great also.

"Cha Siew" inside, yam paste outside. Crisp yet tasty.

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He loves those Chicken biscuit and duck leg noodle.

Aperture Priority
Another good comment on their "Wu Kok".

West Malaysia


Giant Mall Kelana Jaya... Good Food Found!

Very surprise to find some good food in the food court in Giant Mall, Kelana Jaya.

There is a stall selling "Shanghai" food in claypot. I have no idea why Shanghai and claypot, but the food displayed looks tasty and special. So, we ordered a claypot "kam hiong udon" and a claypot black pepper "tanghun".

Since I had eaten this many weeks ago, I could hardly recalled the texture of those noodle. I thought it was all right. But the taste was so strong that I can still remember how it attack my tongue. Very strong flavor. Lots of hot pepper, chilli, a bit salty, kinda sweet. It left me a strong impression.

Good or bad? You got to find out yourself. Taste is on the tongue of the beholder, my friends!

"Kam Hiong Udon". See those curry leaf? Very oriental ya!

Black pepper soup with "tang hun". Spicy and hot enough? How about some ginger slice more? No sweat!