Chicken Rice @ USJ

There is one food court in USJ, at the left hand side of the main road from Summit to Puchong, selling very good chicken rice in the evening.

All tables are waiting for the same food.

"kai si hor fan"

Steam chicken.

Meat balls.

There is something inside the balls.

Err... Chicken rice, must have "tau ge" right?


Coffee Break at Work.

It's almost a month since my previous post. Time fly and I almost forget I have a blog to maintain. You might think that I had lost myself in the middle of cyber jungle. I actually lost my notebook after a very nice Shabu Shabu in Bandar Puteri Puchong.

Lucky I have back up my file but it take some effort to get stuffs in place.

Well, that's some side story before we go to the real one.


One fine Friday afternoon, our Technical Director brought his coffee maker and some donuts to treat us (or repay) us because of our kind hospitality and brotherhood. It was my first short lesson in brewing a cuppa coffee and I think I have a new toy in my wish list now.

Big Apple donuts. A new life for our familiar donuts. Dunkin, I think you have a problem.

How nice if I can have a cuppa chino every afternoon?

Step 1, grind the beans.

Then stuffed it in the holder.

Steam the skim milk.

Huala... my coffee is brewing.

How lucky we are to have coffee "live" from Oz.