Food Hunt @ Melaka

1 weekend, 2 cars, 9 peoples, 1 destination, Melaka.

Had a prawn noodle (surprising good) at road side towards the Jonker's Street after suffering massive jam.


Chili Pan Mian @ Jalan Ipoh

I am afraid to ride roller coaster. The last time I did that was when I in Standard 6, during our year end trip to Genting. It scare the hell out of me.

I paid to scare myself. I was thinking, if something happened, will the gate keeper up there laugh my stupidity that I pay for my own dead just because wanna feel the danger and so call "excitement". I am certainly not prepare for that.

Yes, you can laugh like her when she learned my phobia. But I still am not going to risk my life for that just like some of my friend never "risk" their life for the ultimate chili experience.

I dare you if you know that your stomach is going to pain like bleeding, your tongue and lips going to burn like fire, and you are going to sweat even heavier than under the heaviest rain, you will still "enjoying" the ultimate chili experience.

I thought I am brave in front of chili. It shows that I am still a little something... like a man.

But (yes, a but), she can eat 10 times spicier than me, and still don't care about the speed and height.

So, the moral of this is, never compare, just do what you like. Live you life in full, by yourself!

Who cares if she is stronger than you, right?

Can you read the Chinese words? Chili "pan mian" it calls.

See the crowd? And they had been waiting for hours. It's damn slow in serving. But all have the patient to wait for the "kill".

It served with no chili, ordinary self made "pan mian" with very "Q" texture. I just love the half boiled egg. Fantastic!

Add yourself your own portion of chili. Mind you, its extremely hot!

Mixed yourself and this is the ultimate chili "pan mian". It burn!


Fook Rui Heng @ Yong Peng

There are lots of Fook Chow people living in Yong Peng (I guess). The place is famous of it's Fook Chow dishes.

The great thing about Chinese is there are many ethnic and each has their unique cooking style. Even generations after living here in Malaysia, they still continue the legacy and we are so lucky to have the variety.

Well, we should call ourselves Malaysian (and I am very proud of), shouldn't we only enjoy a single style Malaysian dish?

Nope, we should proud of the variety we have and that's why our tourism ministry promoting our country with this slogan "Malaysia, truly Asia!"

It's uniquely Malaysia with its rich of food, people and culture that make us pround to be part of the generation, right? Fellow Malaysian.

Ice blended dragon fruits plus pineapple. I though... euu... but end up... mmnn...

Fook Chow soup, like shark fin soup, but without the fin.

Red dates chicken with wine.

Fook Chow fish cake. Yummy!

This is the legendary salted egg bitter gourd we are heavily talk about lately.

Situated at Yong Peng town, near the Caltex petrol station.


Fish Cuisin @ Glenmarie

I am still puzzle why Chicken Cuisine owner keep acquiring his neighbor shops for his restaurant expension. Don't he think putting all eggs in one basket is too risky? Is that his strategy to fence off from potential competition opening at his side. Or simply he has no time to look for other location?

Many questions, but one thing, his food is fantastically good. Few words for summary: Clean, creative, tasty and expensive. Yes, expensive.

I had heard many times that the food is expensive. But I also keep seeing those complain such continue patronizing the shop. Strange business, weird marketing success story.

Is it luck?

I don't think its 100% luck based. The shop do have unique selling proposition that pull you back again and again. It's clean enough, tasty enough with just slightly higher pricing to blur your consensus.

Sweet ginger meat. Uniquely yummy!

Egg plant fried with salty egg. Never taste it before right? Me too.

Curry fish head. Not that surprise. But still good.

But this fried lotus root with fermented toufu is something special.

"Moonlight" toufu is sliky smooth.


Hong Lim Dim Sum @ Subang

Besides Pun Choi, this restaurant also serve nice Dim Sum in the morning.

Go have a try and its reasonable price with good quality food. Satisfied customer I am.

Started with the typical one.

Yummy mash yam "芋泥"

My favorite chicken feet, or the so call "phoenix feet".

Fried dragon beard. 炸龙蓄

Curry chicken bread.

Lotus leave rice.


Pun Chun @ Kota Kemuning

There is one very famous duck noodle restaurant Pun Chun in Bidor.

Because it is at the small town towards Ipoh, it serve either few local regulars or travellers.


Merdeka Open House - Mee & My Malaysia

Babe_KL has been organizing Merdeka Open House many times and I did nothing every time.

Well, this year's theme is a little easy and I have something very very special to share.

I call my noodle as Tham Mee, my family noodle (Huey name it, after she heard my history). It's not Mark's Mee because it was inherited by my passed away father.

My dad was the first to cook it and serve us when we were kids. We loved it until we could eat it for every breakfast.

Mom continued the tradition and prepared it pretty frequent for us during those school days.

Even until now, my house will always ready for the 4 ingredients in case we suddenly miss the taste.

The noodle is simple and easy to prepare yet extremely tasty for all children and adult. As simple as cooking instant noodle but matching any Maggi Mee goreng out there.

Them Mee, created by Mark's dad.


Steamboat @ Puchong.

Had a chat with a Malaysian buddy in Shanghai regarding recent political scenario here.

He was saying even if there is big change come this September 16, the rakyat can only hope for a better tomorrow but cannot be certain for a better future.

I was thinking...

We live life because of hope.

We hope for promotion and better increment so we work hard each day.
We hope to be taken care of so we taking care of our young.
We hope to be loved so we search for love.

A person will only kill himself when there is no more hope.
A person kill because of hope.


There is fierce competition in food service industry nowadays. Restaurant hope to gain the market by cracking up new ideas.

Steamboat boil with gas is common. But steamboat cook with charcoal is something special.

It's a gimmick? But it works. And the shop has been around for awhile already.

It's a charcoal stove! No gas require.


Pun Choi 盘菜 @ Subang

Growing in a conserve family, mother has trained us well to not waste any.

We finish all our food each time. The lights should turn off when it is bright enough. Off TV when not watching. Drink just enough water (kidding).

But no kidding, when I cook, I tend to do it simple. "Ham Pa Lang" (All) in one pot and eat as it is (eat with the pot).


McD Gold Medal Meal

Olympic fever!

Lee Chong Wei won a silver and rewarded infinite.

Mark breaking his own record by chasing the 5 Coke glass.

5 Gold Medal Meal in 3 days, plus 1 McFlurry and a McChicken meal because the McD in Shah Alam and Balakong running out of glass.

I think I will take a break from McD for a while now.

First trophy collected on 20 Aug. Thought to just have one for souvenir at first. But after looking at it, pretty nice glass and it's a limited edition!

The second yellow, lunch the next day.

Third blue at 21 Aug night. Well, lunch and dinner same Spicy McDelux burger, what a day!

This is tough! After knowing that McD Shah Alam is running out of stock and McD Balakong has only one bule left (seems more and more people is after this), I had decided to sapu both green and black at once.

Five in a set. Green & black came with our dinner last night 22 Aug.

PS: Oh! By the way, there is another red with HH. So, all together we ate 6 sets of Gold Medal Meal, 1 Fillet-O-Fish, 2 sets Ayam Goreng, 1 McFlurry and 1 McChicken meal in 3 days. 2 person. Happy McD!


Restaurent Min Xian @ Puteri Puchong

2 ++ years ago, somewhere in KL...

"There is one very special Char Kuay Tiew in Segamat." The very excited girl told me, when we had our "ordinary" Char Kuay Tiew.

" ... " I have no idea what she was talking about.

"Don't you wanna ask me how special my Char Kuay Tiew is?"

"How special can it be? Lobster meat instead of tiny prawn?" I asked in my heart. But, as a good actor, I politely asked her back :"Is it out of any ordinary?"

"Well, I am not telling you until you bring me there." She gave me an inscrutable smile.

I knew it! What the F un.


2 weeks ago, in Puchong...

"What so special about the Char Kuay Tiew here?" She ask with her eye wide open when I brought her to this heavily Chinese decorated restaurant.

"Something different, out of ordinary." I smile, confident I will bring her something special.

When the plate served. I saw her eye laughing at me. Something not right.

"Ceh! This is the moonlight Char Kuey Tiew I was eating since baby time. And it certainly not original compare to the one in Segamat."

What the F un.

This is the legendary moonlight Char Kuay Tiew.

Prawn noodle soup.


Raku Zen @ Plaza Damas

I felt "strange" when I had my first sushi.
I was barely teen that time and as you know, I crave for "high risk" food since I was 0.1 days old.
So, with such plain, cold, fishy and expensive food placing in my mouth, I wonder how "poor" Japanese was.

Well, time past and things change. I love Japanese nowadays. Appreciate the detail of the work, the creativity and the art.

I love the attack of Wasabi. People says no pain no gain. This Japanese style of SM rape my bud nicely.

Eating chili is long lasting pain. It burn slowly along your digesting track till the ceramic bowl when it travels out. But Wasabi attack is always hard and fast. just like dripping wax on your skin. Sudden pain then gone with nothing. Japanese style, short pain, gain more.

Wasabi in "leaf".

Crabby California Roll.

I love BBQ babes... they are hot!


Oh! Frozen strawberries with creams.

Ice-cream wafer.