My Toast @ Puchong

Just opposite Giant Bandat Puteri Puchong, across the main road. My Toast offer nice food and good environment.

I'm Back... sort of.

I has been almost 6 months since my last post.
Am I not eating interesting? Or just bored on blogging already?

I started my new job last September and since then life has been busy. Learning new things and places. Pressure and pleasures all together.

I did snap some nice dishes but not that often anymore.


Last week traveled to Taiping to visit Spritzer plant. Long drive usually stop in the middle to catch some fresh air.

There is one hidden treasure in Ipoh, 15 Tower Taugeh Chicken...

Don't see it dark and ugly. It melt in your mouth.

Grade A white chicken.

Horfan in Ipoh cannot less in standard also.