Bee Ho Steamboat @ SS15 Subang

Last Sunday, boiling steamboat image suddenly pop up in my mind and I wonder is there any good steamboat in Subang?

Can't recall seeing any around there. I kinda lost my gut feeling to hunt also.

So, I did the smartest way. I Google for steamboat in Subang and within a second, hualaa... KYSpeak gave me the inspiration!


Stone Good (Eat Good)

Spring cleaning of my picture folder and found these unpost photos.
New year eve 2007, I was having simple yet unique dinner in Bukit Bintang (before the crazy jam jam jam count down).
The Stone restaurant was at top floor of Bukit Bintang. Not extraordinary, but because the date was memorable.

Fish n Chip with Wine.

Brazilian Coffee Lamb Chop.

YinYong & Papaya Milk


Dessert Bar @ Subang Parade

It has been some time since my last post. Not that I ate nothing lately (although I was having serious tooth ache that cause me slimmer :) , it has been busy work life lately.


Few weeks back when I was paktorring in Subang Parade, saw a kiosk call Dessert Bar. Pretty creative. But I did not see a good market acceptance on it. Maybe the price over product, or the idea just not click with the market yet.

New product is always risky, but adventurous.

Margareta ice, non alcoholic :(

Champain jelly, non alcoholic :(


Salt Baked Chicken @ Serdang

If you love chicken (like most of us do) and if you like "nutritious" food, do take your chance to visit Monday night market at Serdang. There is one famous stall selling salt baked chicken.

One batch per night, ready at 8pm sharp. But don't ever go there sharp at 8. At least 30 minutes earlier as the queue will always be expecting long.

How is the taste?

A little salty, full chicken flavor (as salted chicken should), sweet and tender texture. Go try yourself lah!