What's your Bento?

Do you lunch with bunch of colleagues for Bak Kut Teh almost everyday?
Or you hide in a corner in the pantry enjoying your "ta pao"?
Or you sweetly open your lunch box prepared by your love one?

I bet you bring your creative, delicious lunch box and show it to the crowd.

What's your Bento?

Get creative!
Prepare your Bento,
snap a picture,
and shown it to Mark?

Will you? I will share my Bento with you... If you share me yours. ;)


Jee said...

I will need to buy a nice tupperware to begin with...

rokh said...

wow your bento look so appetizing! i want to make one for work too...let's see...

teckiee said...

share a bento ah? where can.. then again.. have to spend a lot of time preparing a kawaii bento

yammylicious said...

bento, i prepare bento for Mr.B every sunday morning, but never look good no matter how i paste them! sobz!