Duanwu Jie... a date to give our heart out.

Today is Duanwu Jie or Dragon Boat Festival. We eat zongzi (Chinese rice dumpling) and we enjoy dragon boat racing. We offer friends our home made zongzi and we are happy because we like the special delicacy. But how many of us know the meaning behind each and every dumpling we eat?

Have time to take a look in Wikipedia: Zongzi?

Malaysia will be celebrating its 50 years of independent. We are glad that we have educations, jobs, plenty of foods and warm and friendly neighborhood. Although sometime we suffer sudden flood, day light robbery and deep night raper. But those are rare. "Compare to the worse country out there, we are still okay and we should not complain much."

People get hurt is because they are careless and unlucky. We should be thankful to have such a good place to live and should continue our routine as long as there is food and shelter?

It is hard to imagine if worse come to our country we will stand out and protect our nation. Can we feel our blood, which is so warm that even when it drains we still alive?

If you love your country why you run away to have your life? Or you are out there gathering enough to come back to serve us one day when you ready?

We never die for our nation but for the money we chasing.

I am half lost, Anak Malaysia.


KampungboyCitygal said...

A patriotic post..haha..yeah should not complain too much becaues our life was so much easier compared to others..but crime is a serious problem here..sigh

jason said...

Heh, I guess human are like that, always wish for better than what we currently have.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

well it depends.. one should always look forward and sometimes it not good to always be contended with where you are, strive for the best..although the line must be drawn..good community message haha

MeiyeN said...

well, lucky or no lucky... like citygal said, crime is a very very serious problem in m'sia! basically, everyone is living in danger! and for some reason, when it happened for eg. some idiots broke into some ppl's place but didn't manage to take anything, those suppose to protect us would dare to say things like, "oh nothing is lost? only da gates spoilt? a report is not a need" pathetic......

Mark said...

I thought our country is blessed with everything we need. Its just the people it has make us nuts... I am worry, while eating the zongzi :)