Party at house... so how's the foods?

Last weekend was my mum's bigday and we had a small party at house to celebrate it. Although it was not my original idea, but I had to contribute a bit to ensure her son did something.

As her son is well known in eating, we need to source the perfect food. Why are we not cooking? Because I believe we could not do it better than the professional one.

So, we source some great food around to pampered our guesses.

This KungPo sotong was from a shop near Glenmarie. I thought those sotong just die not longer than 12 hours, based on my CSI sensory test.

Noodle also obtained from the same shop and its really really long. Taste not bad, even after leaving for so long.

This is extremely hot spicy curry fish meat. You see the oil you know all those ladies never touch a single piece.

Prawn was great as well. Looks hot, taste very hot also.

This "Ahjak" was from LoongFoong in Paramount Garden. Our local "kimchi" I like more.

Well, you guys should recognized this duck. Yes, its from LoongFoong as well. This dish finish in 300 sec.

Please no not afraid about these chicken feet. Although the looks are not that pleasant, but I bet you will never stop after eating one. It melt in your mouth with very thick flavor.

I love this "lohbak" also. very well prepared and full of flavor. Not too salty not too oily. Both chicken feet and "lohbak" were source from a BohKutTeh shop in Kampung Subang (will review in detail, soon).

My mother said she felt embarrass if all the foods cooked by other people. So, she quickly went cooked some vegetables to dilute all those cholesterol and MSGs.

Finally, we should have a cake, mango cake from Secret Recipe. Mango is my favorite, and my mum's as well, and my sister, and all the guesses.

Thank you for your reading and blessing!


boo_licious said...

Happy Belated Birthday to yr mum! Such a nice son to go everywhere to buy food for her.

littleguykitchen said...

i agree with boo_licious, going places for food on mum's b'day. I usually cook up a storm in the kitchen. The cake I haven't seen before on secret recipe at klcc. Looks yummy. Happy Belated birthday to your mum :)

Anonymous said...

My dear fren, you can try to soak your knife into the hot water before cut the cheese cake. So that the shape will be nicer