Yokohama Coffee... Interesting!

Japanese is always good and creative on packaging design. And I am always fascinated on their product. They are so original and so detail in thinking. Unlike us, we copy everything! From cars, electronic goods, fashion, software's, to CDs. What is intellectual properties for us?

When I received this coffee from my friend, I thought it was just like our "Aik Cheong" black coffee bag. I was scaptic about how special this Japanese coffee will be, since no body grow any coffee bean in Japan.

Yes, it is semi instant coffee (coffee powder in filter bag). I do not need to use any coffee maker machine to brew it. But the design is so special that it was just like freshly brew coffee, or like our Vietnam coffee style (eg: offer by
Kemaman Kopitiam), drip on.

I love the aroma. It was fresh and strong. The coffee brewed was not sour, and not thick. There was no unwanted particles found in the cup, which means the filter paper bag works perfectly. Its truly a high quality product.

My first thought was how to copy the idea. Perhaps, I am still a Malaysian, or be more specific, a Chinese Malaysian. I copy what I like.

After deeper thought, the packaging design should have been patented and I think I should grow up and respect other people's intellectual. So sorry for popping up my mind those very bad idea. I promise I will live like a developed nation's people, from now onwards.

Malaysia Boleh!

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Jackson said...

wow......its really an amazing idea. But how does the pack look like before it open to pour the hot water through?