Wong Kok... HK Style Eat Out

Long time ago when my friends ask me to go KimGary, I rejected without hesitation. Reason one, they not buy my supply (I used to work in chemical cleaning co.). Reason two, I thought these fancy restaurants are targeting for A Beng A Lian, who watch HK series HK movie a lot.

However, first impression is always wrong. I am not sure if I am now one of the A Beng, or A Pek. But I do enjoy eating out at these places lately. They are clean, trendy, cozy, and most importantly, food taste not bad with reasonable price.

I am sure most of you out there had been to these kind of cult restaurants. I went to Wong Kok in IOI Puchong recently. Let me show you few food I had tried.

Fried Cheong Fan. Cheong Fan very soft and silky. Sifu fried it well, with dry prawn, carrot cuts and other spices. Nicely prepared.

This chicken wings in cheese looks pretty nice. The cheese taste great also. Only one part need to be improve, the wings were not well cooked enough. Too raw.

I like burger. That's why I like McD. But I could only have chicken burger at those fast food places. This is pork burger. Special, but not as good as KimG.

After a good meal, a cuppa hot "Charm" will be the best I can get.

Very few people blog about this restaurent chain, guess it is not that popular, and special though.

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Jackson said...

For me, all HK restaurant are the same--> cheezy rice, pork chop and maggi mee!! I will love it sometimes but i found that the food quality was drop dramatically. Sad...:P