Noodle Village... Puchong

I used to live in Puchong. It was few years back, when the area was newly developing and our food hunt was all hawker centers. Lately, many nicely renovated restaurants are mushrooming in Bandar Putri and the surrounding area.

I noticed a restaurant call Noodle Village near Giant Puchong. As I love noodle till death, you will be sure I am getting in and have a look.

It was very well set up, cozy and nice. Tables, chairs, cutlery all unique. Not too high class, but just nice.

Nice place not necessary serving great food. If the place is well set up enough, it might divert our attention to the food. This is what I believe, as a marketer. So, I find it difficult to comment purely on the food, without taking consideration of other factors. Packaging is important, far more important than the stuff inside.

This is the kicap chicken noodle I tried. Obviously the cook know how to steam chicken and cook with kicap. The meat was tender and juicy. Noodle was nice. Springy but a little soft for me. Taste good.

This is the "loh pan mian". Looks good and full. However, I still prefer the one in Paramount Garden.

After a good meal, it has become a habit for me to have a cuppa "cham" lately. See the thick foam? This is machine works, with special soy creamer as ingredients. Absolutely not the "teh tarik" style we used to drink. So, expect consistent quality.


tekko said...

what a coincident, i've just posted the same shop too!

Jackson said...

wow...drooling over the loh pan mee! taste da best when eat wt some vinegar!!