Journey to the Center of Food Heaven #10

If a person zap by lighting twice, he must be extremely unlucky. But most of the time, good things come twice. Don't you agree?

So, beside the pork chop bun, we all know Macau has another famous food - the Portuguese Tart.

But the problem is, it is easy to identify the number ONE green stall by asking few aunties and follow the queuing crowd (although there is other pirated chops around). It is rather difficult to locate THE Portuguese Tart. The entire Macau is full of cake shops selling these kind of tart. Just like when I went for Kajang Satay. "What the hek, everywhere shows Kajang Satay."

To make my day even worst, we Chinese seems too kind hearted by nature, or like to safe face. Whenever I asked for reference, there must be an answer given. Most of the time, its wrong. The kind Samaritan just simply "hantam". You ask a question, you get a answer, wright or wrong, no guarantee.


"Mnn hou yi si, may I know which bus should I take to go to Tamzai (Taipa)?"

"Oh! Go to that bus station and wait for bus 26."

"Thank you so much!"

After waiting for ages and sense fishy, I asked another one and the result:" Oh! You should take bus 18."


Asked another one to verify, bus No. 24 appeared from nowhere.

Last, I just read the map and follow the sign! Why asking so much?


Back to the Portuguese Tart story. I have no choice but to walked into a shop with a sign stated serving the best tart in town, very near the green pork chop shop. Presume this is THE ONE.

This is the shop, situated in the main road in Taipa, Rua de Cunha. Yes, Portuguese and I have no idea what it means.

A little over bake. Soft and tasty. But our Tong Kei serve better tart.

This is the bird nest tart. Some jelly things on top of egg white.

Oh! This is classic. It names Black Water. A coffee tasted really like black water, nothing else but black.


jason said...

Bird's nest tart?? Real bird's nest ar?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah i almost didnt recognise ur blog!..whole diff format..yeah ur tart looks abit sun burnt hehe..

Precious Pea said...

Hey Mark, best Portugese tart and the very first came from Lord Stow's Bakery which is situated at Coloane Village. Ermm...there are buses that you can take from Taipa heading to Hac Sa (Black Sand Beach). Super duper yummy!

MeiyeN said...

i tried bird's nest tart before but not really nice! still prefer egg tart! :D

Jackson said...

bird nest tart must b vrey expensive..

Mark said...

Jason, not sure its real or not, but I ate some jelly like thing on top of that.
Joe, hehehe...
Pea, oh!... I been to Hac Sa, but unaware of the best tart... got to make another trip then :)
Meiyen, 100% agree with you. Egg better than the nest.
Jackson, not expensive la... just dun know what kinda nest they use only.