Kyoto's Gion Bread @ Jusco

One fine afternoon after a routine lunch with my colleagues in Jusco Cheras Selatan, Mr FC walked towards a small stall outside Jusco and studied those bread very carefully.

"Hey! Looking bread for your tea later?" I walked to him.

"I am thinking of buying, but not for tea." He said and still choosing those bread.

"Hello friend, can you hurry up? Its only bread, not durian, why choose for so long?"

"You know how much is it?! If you know, you will do the same."

Oh my! A loaf of bread cost RM18! What kind of bread is that?

"This is the forth time I buy. It's expensive, but it's the best. You should try!" He insists.

"Well, it cost me 2 happy meals. But what the heck..." I picked one loaf and paid the bill.


At home, after a brief toast. The heavy loaf (heavier than usual one) expelled very thick flavor of margarines. I never forget the first bite. So rich, so tender and so full. Oh my! Just like my friend said:"It's expensive, but you got to try it"

Those breads were ready made, but freshly cut when you purchase it. Its very heavy and full.


wmw said...

I bought just once, nice...must tell myself it's not bread but "cakes", then RM18 won't be so expensive! hahaha...

Jackson said...

yo yo yo!! i love that bread too!! but its Xpensive!!

Tummythoz said...

Saw that, exclaimed at d price & quickly walked away. Next time, I'll use my lunch money to get it. Err, make that bfast & dinner too. =P

Mark said...

Yeah, good idea WMW, just tell myself its a cake!
Jackson, its really expensive if we see it like a bread, just like WMW say. :)
Tummythoz, I use 3 days to finish the loaf, so I guess somehow it worth. :P

Anonymous said...

The original bread is now selling at carrefour midvalley. I had done some research and it is true that the one selling at jusco now is an imitation. It does not have that rich taste that the original gion bread has. Apparently, the jusco one uses bo-log'ne SDN BHD which us the company of gion bread to mislead customers like us. Go and have a sample in carrefour and u will know the difference.most importantly,they're still selling at the original price,RM18.

jenny said...

ya. my freind bought the bread one week ago from jusco one U and found nothing on the plastic bag that pack the bread. she asked for bag since it is so expensive but they gave her normal La Boehm plastic bag instead. The bologne logo decorated at their store were all taken down. The sale girl told me some government officers raided their store b 4 that.

woo said...

I have never tried gion bread. Since you guys mentioned, i went to Mid Valley and found only Carrefour selling. Not bad! I did not see any in Jusco. I was told no more selling. How about One U ? said close too.

Ja Yong Gan said...

Hey, i went to One U last night. Wanted to buy the bread but found out from the Jusco girl that the original one is sold in Carrefour and that the ones that used to sell in Jusco was an imitation. They used the same company name on their plastic bags that is why they got raided. How could jusco allow their supplier to Mislead the public is such way. I feel cheated! I will buy the bread from Carrefour next time.

Bo-log'ne SDN BHD said...

Upon hearing and reading all these comments, We, Bo-log'ne SDN BHD would like to say a big "thank you" for your continuous support and acknowledgment.

We apologize such incident occurred and felt disheartening to have the confusion caused.

Once again, thank you for your kind support.

Yours truly,
Bo-log'ne Sdn Bhd