Home Made Cheese Baked Mushroom.

I believe I do have a little talent in cooking. If I have nothing else to do and involve 100% in the kitchen, who knows I could become a great chef. Anyway, as I am still an armature cook with good sense of eating, one should not put too much hope on my cooking.

One fine weekend I bought some mushroom during an unscheduled shopping in the market. Then I bought some cheese because I remember I had eaten baked mushroom with cheese somewhere. Hualaaa... this is my work!

Washed and sliced mushroom in a plate.

I have a very bad memory. I forget what the name of the cheese I use for the topping. Should be mozzarella, I guess.

Not bad. And the cook like it too!

Oh! Too plain to eat mushroom alone right? So I grilled few sausages too.


hwajong82 said...

look tat photo is so nice....
i like cheese very much, but never eat this b4.

if have a cup of almond tea..
walau..must feel good..hehehe

Mark said...

Thanks hwajong.

Someone who is constantly craving said...

looks like jelak..try just pan frying it with olive oil and lots of garlic..stir fry till the juice come out..and evaporate bak in to the mushrooms...damn good..hahaha but mayb i shud also try ur cheesy recipe also