Roche Montana... Japanese Coffee @ Sri Kembangan

I never expect a Japanese Coffee house in South City Plaza. That place given me an impression of cheaper brand or stuff come from China, cheap and no good.

We associate Japan as develop country with good quality product. So, will this Roche Montana spoil the Japanese image?

I thought their cakes and eateries are good, coffee is fantastic and the renovation and presentation made me felt Japan. However, as the owner choose to open it in such a place, it rarely gets the appreciation it suppose to and the quality begin to be doubtful.

Location is important for a business. Knowing your product and target market is even essential for survival. Good product, good concept at the wrong place and wrong time will only make you think what went wrong with all the effort and time you had invested.

The lady was working hard to prepare and serve.

Chips cover bread cover sausage... yummy for me who enjoy high cholesterol food.

Nice cuppachino with cinnamon powder topping.


KampungboyCitygal said...

haha yeah..i have the same thought..apparently they have their outlet at SK is mainly bcoz of the large japanese population over there..their buns are really good n fresh

Jackson said...

wow, the suasage with bread look so yummy!!

Mark said...

Got time go there and have a look, my friend. Who knows suddenly close shop?