Bee Ho Steamboat @ SS15 Subang

Last Sunday, boiling steamboat image suddenly pop up in my mind and I wonder is there any good steamboat in Subang?

Can't recall seeing any around there. I kinda lost my gut feeling to hunt also.

So, I did the smartest way. I Google for steamboat in Subang and within a second, hualaa... KYSpeak gave me the inspiration!

So you see, food bloggers is like angels guiding you for that "must-have" meal anytime, anywhere.

Err... I know my food review is lousy (I am so lazy to jot down the add and map) and confuse you, but hey! There are lots of smarties out there ready to help.

Don't count on me, Google your way to heavenly food!

Its chicken soup (sure plus lots of MSG). So it taste nice.

Those fish balls and fish cakes were fresh and nice. Seems really delivered fresh from Pulau Ketam.

I love their chili.

And this crab Beehun... walauuu...

PS: Check KY Speak for detail review. He didn't lie.


KY said...

since I'm incapable of lying, right? :P

wmw said...

Looks good to me!

sam said...

been to this place! food's not bad

JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

crab Beehun?
I haven't try it before in my life ><

Alex said...


elly said...

very nice! I have try it before!