Loh Mee @ Sentul

I think there is pretty lots of Hokkian lang staying in Sentul with good Hokkian food.

I never forget how good my granny cook her Loh Mee during every festive occasion in Kuantan.

Hand made thick noodle (so call Pan Mian nowadays) with such springy and elastic texture cooked in the thick gravy with eggs. Serve hot by dripping vinegar or brandy and I can ate at least 3 big bowls each time.

That's one of the reason I become my current size.

Unfortunately, no one in the family is able to master the skill and tricks since she left. We still have very delicious Loh Mee at house, but some how it lack of something. Every now and then we will talk and memories the goods of my granny's noodle.

If you think I am telling you that I have finally found the match in this post, you are wrong. This Loh Mee sold in a stall in a temple at Jalan Sentul never come close the taste I planted in mind since kids time. But it does taste good with freshly hand made noodle too. I am now craving for that.


Anonymous said...

Hi can you tell me the details of the location cant seem to find it as there are numerous temples along jalan sentul thanks

Cheryl said...

Hi there, thanks for supporting my aunt's loh mee. :)

Mark said...

Her loh mee still one of the best, as far as my family taste. :)

tham yee kiong said...

Please give me an accurate location of the Loh mee shop, if possible the GPS Coordinates. Also is it open for lunch and dinner

Mark Tham said...

3.198374, 101.690486‎
+3° 11' 54.15", +101° 41' 25.75"

The GPS Coordinates. It is opposite Yap Brothers used car.